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Short Blazers??

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I just bought a blazer (arrived today in the mail), and I think it fits very well except for the length. It only goes down to only 6 inches or so below my waist-line, and does not even come close to covering my butt. I'm pretty sure the jacket must have been cut in this manner intentionally, but I'm wondering if I should return it because of this? I'll add that I'm about 6 feet tall and quite skinny, if this changes anything for you.  


I would estimage that the jacket is about as long as that pictured here, though it's hard to tell exactly.  My point is that I think this looks fantastic. Why all the fuss then about short jackets if they look fine here? Does it only work for a certain kind of body type (and only if you're young !) or what? 



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I can't really see much in the shadowy pic you posted, but generally blazer length is just taste. Traditionally blazers go further down below the belt, but a modern fit is slightly more shrunken in arms, body and length. If it doesn't bother you, keep it!
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Phat Guido always said that a blazer should cover your butt.
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Can't see anything from the photo. PG's shtick was "grown man" style. In traditional CM your jacket covers your butt. Lots of Italian makers fall short of that. Show better pics and we can see if you are within reasonable guidelines for butt coverage.
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I don't have a camera myself, so I can't take an actual picture of myself wearing the jacket, but it's comparable to the jacket in this photo, though as a whole not quite so tight fitting. 







This is a photo of the actual jacket, without anyone wearing it, if it helps you get an idea. It's a 3 button jacket (not a 3/2), which is another reason I'm considering returning it, though I'm not sure.  




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