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Hey look, no offense meant, but to the extent that we separate schools, Ferris is a shit school. That's okay though, my undergrad was shit too (although more highly thought of than Ferris natch ;-) ). Frankly, in Michigan, almost all of them are fairly weak with the exception of UofM and a handful of liberal arts colleges (maaaaaaaaaaaaybe). I will agree, that Ferris probably has a good turf management school, and I think hotel management perhaps?


I mean, I guess. Michigan doesn't really have any really notable institutions and I'll admit I'm not well versed in what other colleges have to offervbut  I still wouldn't go so far as to call it shit. It's no UofM but then, getting a philosophy degree from UofM probably won't work out as well as a pharmacy degree from Ferris. It does have turf and hotel management as well as Pro Golf Management, Pro Tennis Management, Music Industry Management, Construction Management, HVAC, one of the few Pharmacy and Optometry Schools in the state, one of the few Plastics Engineering programs, and many other practical degrees. Sure, it's a small school in a tiny, hick city but it offers degrees for many in-demand and important jobs. We don't really have much important research going on that I know of but it just depends what you want from school. Here there are options to pursue professions that there is real use for in the job market. You might not be making millions but at least you'll have a job. It's by no means prestigious. One day on campus and you will see more camo clothing and big trucks than you'd ever want to see in your life! It's probably a styleforum member's worst nightmare haha