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TaT vs Brooks Brothers

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Hey guys,


Long time lurker first time poster.  I've been pushing off getting legit suits for far too long and looking to build with the standard grey and navy suits.  I know BB has F&F coming and also 30% corporate sale on May 22.  The corporate sale takes the 2 for $1699 down to $595 before tax per suit.  TaT starts at $480.  I'm aware of the main differences between the two styles and construction, but TaT isn't available for a fitting until after the corporate sale (I live in LA).


At these prices and timing issues what would you guys recommend?


Thanks for your help!

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Are you going to buy BB mtm? If not, you can buy the BB to make sure that you get the lower price and then see what Thick as Thieves has to say. You can always return the BB later. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of TaT, but if you like the look AND YOU SEND ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS, you may get a nice suit.

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Most of the TaT stuff I have seen can be described as a bit fashion forward and very very slim. If you really like that look and are not wearing these suits for business purposes (or can afford to say "F-ck you" to anyone who gives you shit), then I think you can get something good from TaT. If you want something more classically appropriate in a business context, Brooks Brothers is probably a better bet. $600 for an 1818 line Brooks Brothers suit is a pretty decent value IMO. Brooks Brothers also gives you the opportunity to try several different models. Not everyone, even people in good shape, can pull off the ultra-slim look.
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opposite ends of the spectrum. Had recent dealings with BB, one of my groomsmen decided to buy his tux and all the accessories. They really took care of us and were very good about fitting it properly.
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I vote for BB. I've never owned a BB suit but I have one TaT suit and to be frank, it is fairly low quality. I got measured in person and unfortunately the jacket turned out unwearable. The back flares out for me. It was a waste of money in my case. I decided to just use the pants as business casual odd trousers. There are plenty of photos of people whose suits don't look like mine (i.e. back flap flaring out like crazy).


Aside from the poor fit (despite being measured by Jason), the construction quality isn't that great. My mohair fabric (one of the most popular standard fabrics for TaT) is not very soft. The zipper on the pants feels lower quality. The lining on the jacket and pants seems somewhat cheap.


As an alternative to both of these options, you might want to check out Benjamin at ehaberdasher. I have a pair of pants from them and these pants feel good and are much higher quality than the TaT pants. I'm not sure about their jackets but if they are on par, it would make a great suit. I believe it's fully canvassed as well (not sure about that one though).

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This helps a lot since I thought maybe the bad TaT stores were due to the variance in measurements.  It definitely seems like BB is the favored pick.

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Originally Posted by bruinfan View Post

This helps a lot since I thought maybe the bad TaT stores were due to the variance in measurements.  It definitely seems like BB is the favored pick.

People here are biased towards BB. You can't let the fact that most people vote for BB make your decision for you. If I had to pick one of those two, I'd probably pick BB too, but it's because I think that the owner of TaT is a prick. It's not because I like BB.

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Are there other avenues I should be looking in that 500-600ish price range? 

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Suitsupply makes stuff at around the $500 price point. Half canvassed, with reasonably good design and decent fabric quality. 

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There are several other online MtM options - just do a google and you will see.  The reason why TaT and Indochino get so much love here is because they are active on this forum, and also people have recommended them.  I have seen that the opinions vary, and if you are going to drop $500 for a suit and hoping it's canvassed, with a nice fabric and fits you to the T, it just won't happen.  Even less so for an online outlet who just ships the measurements back to their shops/contracted manufacturers in China to crank them out, which is what they do.


Best route for best results - go to a local tailor and get MtM


otherwise buy something that fits off the rack as closely as possibly, and spend some $ on alterations.  The piece of floating horse/crap hair won't do jack squat if the fabric is lowsy and the fit stinks.

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there isn't tax on suits right?..

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