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First, what a GREAT thing you're doing.  It reminds me of what I do when I get coupons or offers I can use - as long as they are transferabler, I pass then along.  So, bravo for that!


I have to admit I'm more of a browser and lurker than a participant here.  But I do have a big itinerary coming up which this would certainly help.  Having a little pampering on either end might make it that much more pleasant,

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Hello...Did i miss sth? lol


Have the upgrades been nicely used on international metals?



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are these still available. I have a trip to tokyo in a few weeks and coach class will be painful.



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Dear Style Forum Member:


I used to be Exec. Plat. and have gotten a bit tired of my Platinum status.  I am dong a bunch of mileage runs (I was Exec. Plat. for 7 years but have not been for about 10) so AA won't give me any fast track. 


At any rate, I was informed that the best way to do this (for pure miles) was FRA-DFW-GRU.  I understand that one system wide upgrade will do all 10,000+ miles one way.


We have some time, but I live in Miami (not sure where you live.)  I was given you name but a Hilary Stockton who informed me that buying on Craig’s list is too dangerous, when I have 3.6MM lifetime miles and a good account balance.  She referred me to you.


Yes the person that wanted to use for NYC-DFW is ridiculous usage of the miles.  Please contact me or let me know when I can contact you as soon as possible.  I have at least 5 round trips.   I have a bad back and am not used to sitting in coach, what less for 2 5,000+ miles flights.


All the best,

Roderick Renfrew
305-987-9688 (text or call)

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Please text me your #, I would love to talk with you to see if you have any left ...
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Hi do you still want to give one of the SWU away?

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Please read the first post, I still have 6 of these. I gave away two to a person on this forum with over 4500 posts.


In case you didn't actually read the first post, let me summarize. If you have less than 200 posts on style forum and haven't contributed anything except signing up to ask for these I am going to ignore your PM. I have had several PMs from people with 1 or 2 posts. Look up ^^^ these people who have 1 post are not who these are targeted for. Why would I give these away to some random stranger on the internet? I had to fly 100,000 miles to earn them and they are nominally worth thousands of dollars. While I can't sell them, I can give them away to people I like and respect like some of the senior members on this forum.


The first two were given away to a member who traveled to China from DC and got upgraded for his whole trip. Checking online, it costs ~$4500 to upgrade from Coach to Business for this ticket. 


I just got back from my China trip. I want to thank you again for making my trip much more manageable and enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. Much appreciated.
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Thanks for answering. Sorry but I am new here so I don't qualify for your 200+ post requirement and I am sorry I am not a senior I would DM you why I am asking but clearly you are not interested. It is of a personal nature that I don't feel divulging on an open forum. But thank you for your response. Good luck

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I am flying to New Delhi on January 1 and returning on February 15, 2013. American Airlines is flight is from DFW to LHR. Please E mail to me if you still have SWU.

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God damn freebies really bring out the people.

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Will be giving away 2 more of these, hit me on PM flight must be before Feb 28, 2014.


See post #1 for the rules.


If you have been on SF less than 3 months or have less than 100 posts please don't ask for these, these are for contributing members and non-lurkers.

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Woah. Good on you for doing this!

This place is pretty awesome.

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Very generous.

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