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Greetings from paris

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Hi, I'm new on this board. Greetings to all. I recently decided it was time to renew some of my wardrobe and started gathering information. This was not an easy task as I'm in Paris and a lot of the mid-prize items discussed here are rather US. High-end is easily available across the corner of the office but it is out of my league. However I learned quite a bit about proper dress code and what to look for in quality suits and shirts. Thank a lot for the forum indeed. I finally bought two nice canvassed (but machine made) suits for around $600 each. I love the cut and the fabric (super110, nothing fancy). It is 'semi to measure', meaning dimensions can be adjusted (including waist for instance) and details can be picked (pockets, lining, ...). I got them at Smuggler. Anyway, RTW always fitted me pretty well (lucky me) and the adjustments were minor. For shirts, I will try Jantzen. Plenty of info available here. Now for some shoes. I very much like those C&J (e.g. those) but that's quite expensive (USD600). Other models retail at USD430 but I guess they are not from the handgrade line? I will check during sales but I'm doubtful I buy any shoes at that price tag yet. The really cheap alternative would be Bexley. For instance those. They are USD125 only. Good leather (same as Finsburries for instance), goodyear, leather sole. But entirely machine made. That's were the videos come in, enjoy. They have another line, hand made for double price. Would you think it is worth it? I will visit them and see how comfortable the shoes are. I'm all vor value shopping. If C&J have a much longer life expectancy (and resoling would help. how much is it?), then with time I could get there. If worned once a week, can they live 10 years? More? What is reasonable to expect? How do handgrade compare to benchmade in this regard? I actually had very cheap shoes holding more than 5 years without any particular care; I guess I'm not a shoe wrecker. Cheers, P.
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First of all, bienvenue. If you search the Forum a bit, you will find many posts about shoes. I think if you can make a cheap pair of shoes last 5 years, you should be able to make a well-made pair last for a very long time. Je suis désolé, mais je ne peux pas vous aider beaucoup avec les chaussures.
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Now for some shoes. I very much like those C&J (e.g. those)  but that's quite expensive (USD600). Other models retail at USD430 but I guess they are not from the handgrade line? I will check during sales but I'm doubtful I buy any shoes at that price tag yet.
Greetings, Pierre. I (along with others on the forum) have been pleased with ordering C&J shoes from Plal in Malaysia url. My last handgrade purchase came to $350 USD and that included shipping - there has been a price rise, but I suspect that they will still be cheaper than buying in France. There is a bit of a wait, but your patience will be rewarded - the handgrades are very good shoes and should last you a long time with proper care. I think it's a false economy to buy cheap dress shoes unless you are especially hard on them. From your post that does not appear to be the case.
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Those are nice prices indeed. As long as you do not have to pay import duties are positive about your sizing and C&J fitting of course (same problem for Jantzen's shirts of course). I actually called C&J and the complete factory resoling (actually more than just resoling; reforing, inner part renewed too, ...) is around USD100. Not bad. Cheers, P.
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You ought to at least take a look at ALBALADEJO SHOEMAKER Address 26, Rue des Rigoles PARIS , FRANCE 75020 Phone +33 680 771 902 Fax +33 1 73 72 37 24 Email URL From everything I've read they're quite a bargain for the price. It might be just what you're looking for. It's also true that the sales are upon us. C&J et al may have some good prices in the coming weeks.
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Thanks. The Albaladejo website is not working, just a flash without any link ... (tried with mozilla and IE). I found a few pictures; very nice. A lot of style. How well built are they? Average cost? P.
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BJR Pierre Albaladejo is just up from Palais Royale on the Avenue de l'Opera, 4. The telephone number is 01 42 96 54 08. The shoes average between 300 to 500 euros. You may want to read some of the reviews on ask andy. If you ask for Miguel, he can give you the information you require. Salut A+
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hi, I would like to inform you that since we have the Albaladejo boutique-show room in 4 Av de l'Opera 75001 Paris, the other address (rue des rigoles) does't existe anymore. So please erase the old one from your address book.Thank you.   Joint the photo of the last "creation" from the atelier in Paris. Salut Miguel Font
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I believe, contrary to many of the shoe experts on these forums, that shoes of poor quality last as long as shoes of good quality, so this should not be your justification for spending more money on shoes. My impression is that with the same care lavished on them, ugly shoes will look ugly for many years to come, just as beautiful shoes will. This is my experience, in any event. Shoes that had the shortest life were those that I abused (a pair of Aldens) or fragile, unlined, slipper-type shoes (a pair of Ballys). Check out Pediwear for Alfred Sargent. Even the less expensive line (Classic) are well-constructed and quite handsome, at least the pair I have are. And the Country line are excellent at any price, but happen to be cheap. I think that the quality/price ratio is best in the Knightsbridge line, rather than the Exclusive line, at least with the models I own. I am very curious about Smuggler and what people think of its quality. It is the sort of business I associate with the French, something we Americans could never come up with, an elegant mini-chain (vis Sephora, those bakeries whose name escapes me, the hotel chain whose name also escapes me, and so on).
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Very nice. I will try to drop by during the week, for a look. But, the more I think about it, the more I realize I'm not comfortable spending that kind of money on shoes (even though I understand they are a good value). This is just way out of line with the family budget and spendings habits. I would feel egoïst doing so. Anyway, I'm not thirty yet and have plenty of time to enjoy a slow upgrade of my wardrobe, full of small enjoyments. I'llget to those C&J and Albaladejo, with time (and hopefully wisdom). And, let's be honest, those are not bad looking either and should fit a navy suit well: PS: those Alfred Sargents are nice too and price is sweet. Are there available in any shop near Jermyn Street?
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Smuggler do not make full convace suits (try on sleeves they are poorly fused&#33 Les manches sont thermo collées, c insuportable. Shoes are the most important garment so do not save on shoes. Les chaussures = le plus importan tdans une garde robe donc oublie Bexley = basse qualité Buy suits, ties only with a strong discount (at leat 50%) ...
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Ernest, I 'felt' the suit and cannot feel any hint of fusing. The whool is soft and souple everywhere. For the Bexley, are you inferring from the price tag or do you have direct experience? I'm frankly interested because info is spare about them. P.
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