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Picked up this navy Loro Piana suit on Ebay. Does it look dated?

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Made by Isaia, paid 100$ for it... so what the heck, Thought I'd give it a try.   

The lapels measure 4" at the widest point, and pants are pleated. Does the lapel width + lower button stance make it look dated? Haven't had any alterations done to it yet, anything that needs to be tailored (from the pictures)? 








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That looks damn good. The button stance is spot on. The lapels are a little wide for my taste, but they're not bad by any stretch. That's a good buy.

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$100, you did very well. What size? Did they state it was LP and Isaia or you just know from researching now?

Honestly, that is a pretty amazing RTW from ebay fit. Hell, that looks better than many of the expensive bespoke and MTM jobs you see around SF. I think sleeves could use a nip though that might go for shirt sleeves, too. And maybe a touch of tug near the top button. But the back and upper sleeves are almost totally clean which is quite incredible.

And I'm sure there will be plenty of haters telling you about the bit of wrinkling here and there but don't pay it any mind.
Right now, it looks very good. I have plenty of hate, myself. I don't go on about the great suits around the forum but you are looking good, mate.

Maybe lapels are a bit wide but still within reason. And certainly not enough to ditch it.

Excellent job. Wear it well.
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Yeah, man, solid kop.
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Killer look, I like a wider lapel myself but that thing looks tailor made for you And you got it for $100? How did you manage to sneak that under the radar?

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Looks good, just get it pressed (sleeves)
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All right, thanks! Bought it off a ebay-seller ("drjeans") that always flips over high-end suiting and coats damn cheap.   

Did some research, and compared labels/dates + work details. 

Even found some Turnbull & Asser business cards in the inside jacket pocket. 

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The wider lapels don't bother me. Just avoid skinny ties and small collars.
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Desperately dated. Demonstrates that you need to buy a new suit to replace it.
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That looks great. The lapels look great--I personally prefer a wider lapel anyways.
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Button stance, lapel width etc look fine; it seems to me that the upper back could be a bit tight. In case this is true, one could possibly let out the centre seam a bit in case there is enough allowance.
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Looks great, well done.

The collar looks a bit loose in the second to last and last photos.
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Dated? This suit is great. Great suits never look dated.


Fit is good as well so for the price it is a steal.

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Good buy.... I wish I was as lucky as you!
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I'd prefer a bit lower gorge and slightly narrower lapels but otherwise it looks excellent! The button stance is perfect, I wish it was like that on new jackets instead of the shitty high stances everything seems to have nowadays.
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