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adventures in bespoke: Richard Anderson

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I commissioned my first SR project last week, a 3-piece navy in Lesser golden bale. I was assisted by Clive Gilkes, and my measurements were taken by Richard. Some details are nailed down while others are still up in the air:

Coat will be a single button, and I'll need to confirm whether to go with flapped besom or besom pockets.
Waistcoat was recommended with four pockets. It may be that I'm unaccustomed to seeing four, so am leaning towards two
Trousers at natural waist, and I'm still contemplating flat front or double pleats, which I was advised is the typical configuration for a 3-piece

They appear quite flexible to accommodate my travel schedule, and as I often stop by in London back and forth from the US, I'm hopeful this commission should advance quite nicely. Basted fitting in about 3 weeks - will update this thread as the fittings progress.
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Can't wait to see, Medtech. Good luck with it. Why'd you settle on RA?

I'd get the flaps, myself. You can always tuck them in.
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Sounds great. I would get both flaps and pleats.

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Medtech does this mean you are moving away from NSM?
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Also, did you ask them to deviate from their usual shoulder padding? Mina to RA seems like a big change in that regard.
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I too have been considering trying RA for quite a few years, particularly because the style is diametrically different from NSM. I am curious how the long lean strong shouldered look would suit me.

Coincidentally, I just commissioned a 3 piece project with Steed using the LL Agnelli flannel (3 button rolled to 2). They style the waistcoat pockets differently depending on the material. I told them to make as is their custom - I figure their style details and taste is part of what I'm paying for. Also, for the first commission, I typically ask the tailor to make their standard cut/details so I can get a baseline. Are you getting the trousers with braces and fishtail back? I am. I figure the waistcoat will cover up all the extra details. I am getting my trousers with 1 pleat, and coat with flap pockets that I tuck in.
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Well done. I always love their strong classic shoulder.
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Most exciting house on the Row I think.
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Definitely looking forward to your project updates. Richard Anderson may just be more Huntsman than Huntsman, or so I've been told.
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I intentionally wanted a house style at the other end of the sprectrum from NSM, which I will continue to use and wear day to day. The strong RA shoulder and lean silhouette appealed to me based on a few sample coats I tried on. I also appreciated RA's reputation and scheduling flexibility. That they travel to the US as well was a plus, as I'm sure to head home at some point.

I've decided on flapped besom pockets and am leaning towards pleats, thanks for the input fellas. I also just realized we hadn't specified lapels so presumably they're assumed to be notch. Any arguments in favor of peak?
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Peak is getting pretty trendy right now. So I say notch.
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I like peak with chalkstripes but not solids for a 3 piece. Something elegant about chalk/flannel/peak. Also I always think some restraint for a first commission with a new tailor is a good idea (and one I wish I was better at)
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What's the price range for a Richard Anderson SC, suit?
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Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie View Post

What's the price range for a Richard Anderson SC, suit?

(Insert Six Million Dollar Man joke here)
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Do not follow
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