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Your Past Bad Hairstyles

Poll Results: During or near adulthood, have you ever had a bad hairstyle that was mostly your fault?

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Many people walk around with hair that looks silly. Have you ever had, as an adult or at least near-adult, a hairstyle you now you realize was terrible? Bad outcomes due to barber mistakes, illness, prison, etc. don't count. Short of extremes like the combover and skullet, styles that look bad due to hair loss don't really count. And when and how did you realize the style looked terrible?

Oh, also, is anyone willing to post a 'mistake' for others to sneer at?
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As an adult I don't think I've had any bad hairstyle, just some days where it doesn't seem to want to stay in place but in high school I had some ridiculous ones. I'll try to find a pic on an old hard drive. I know in middle school I rocked a buzzed head with bangs which always cracks me up every time I see it. Although I can honestly say I never had highlights or a bowl cut
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It's strange that people refuse to vote.
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I had a perm, then a mullet in the 1980s, but once started going bald, I shaved my head, and has been same ever since.
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Definitely! In my high school years I'd let it all grow and it just looked like a mess! I will try to find a picture of it
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