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I feel I should say something here. Simply because I was the first person to alert this forum to Elizabeth, around 12 months ago. Rigthly or wrongly I did not seek her permission to post about her and to the best of my knowledge she has no idea who I am, I have never spoken to her about my postings nor would I wish to.

This way I am treated like any other customer and her work stands on its own merits (no Simon Cromptons here!). I suspect that this and other forums like this one were completely new to Elizabeth when she began to hear of recommendations as a result. Personally I found Elizabeth to be professional and a delight to work with. To the best of my knowledge she does all her own cutting and tailoring. Having dealt with her, suggesting that she would engineer something like that is quite laughable. Personally I think she has better things to do!

I have in the past been very forthright and challenging about that tailors I have disscused on this forum, a fact to which James Sleater and Fielding and Nicholson will testify.

My original aim in posting about her and other London tailors is to make customers aware of the marketplace and be in a better position to make an informed choice about who they go to.

Personally I would recommend Elizabeth.
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Ok here are the photos. I would welcome what everyone thinks:


Waistcoat and trousers



Close up of waistcoat


Jacket and trousers:


close up 


Side Profile


Side profile part deux



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Originally Posted by Macallan
His comment was fair; there have been a lot of first posts where someone will ask or recommend a company, when they actually work for the company or own the business.


There is questioning the authenticity of a post and then there is defamation. Big difference 

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Pongy, I am sorry that I was incorrect about your first post, and I apologise for suggesting that you were not a legitimate customer. The reason I said what I did is, as other posters have commented, that there have been occasions on this forum when companies have attempted to advertise themselves by posing as a customer. I am glad that this is not one of those times, and I think it's good that we have a genuine poster trying to bring attention to a new company. I shall try to be more open-minded in the future!

PS. I like your cufflinks. I used to have a pair just like them, but unfortunately lost one of them.

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In addition to my post above, I also apologise for accusing Elizabeth Radcliffe of posing as a customer. Elizabeth, I wish you every success for your business.

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I'm really glad that this thread has been cleared up. Pongy, thanks very much for posting these photos and giving us a writeup of your experience. This kind of thing really helps others who are about to go through the same process.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result when it's all finished. Best of luck with it.

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No worries sharplytailored, I am glad it is all cleared up.


Thank you, they are pretty good value ones you can get from NEXT.


Shane85, glad to help.

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I wonder what happened to his 3-piece suit?
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What was the pricing for the suit?

And is it actually made in England? I went to the website, and a 2 piece is under $2k (way below typical SR bespoke).
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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

What was the pricing for the suit?

And is it actually made in England? I went to the website, and a 2 piece is under $2k (way below typical SR bespoke).


1200 GBP for the suit 150 GBP for waistcoat. Everything is cut and made by Elizabeth (I believe her assistant might do some minor work). I guess it is much cheaper than SR Bespoke due to the cost of rent being considerably cheaper than the Row!


The suit is cut and made where you meet Elizabeth in the cockpit studios, there is no shopfront. If you do visit you will see her workstation in all its glory. 


I am not too sure about her M2M option, touched on it briefly in our initial meeting but cannot confidently comment how or where that is made.


Any opinions on the baste fitting pictures?

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Kind of challenging to give you meaningful comments on the baste fitting; just go with your gut and trust her and please post final pics here.
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Very good of you to contribute your experience here.  Let us know how it progresses.


Did you discuss the cut with Ms Radcliffe?

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Originally Posted by Pongy View Post

Just want to share my experience as a first time buyer 
looking for a bespoke suit
. Hopefully my post can help others who are or looking to buy a bespoke suit for the first time.

So quick back story a
t the age of 26, after all the years of getting an off the peg M&S suit and having them heavily altered by a tailor, I still could not find a suit that would give a very good fit. 

I am 5'7 and relatively heavy at 75 kgs, Broad shoulders, 10" chest drop and large thighs from my rugby playing days. Finding an off the peg suit that is well made was not possible.

My initial plan was to go for a 2 piece birdseye navy, bespoke or mtm suit. 

After doing some research on London Tailors from this forum and few others I decided on a shortlist of the following:

Cad and the Dandy

Chris Kerr

Henry Herbert

Elizabeth Radcliffe

Alexandra Wood

I went for a consultation with each one, which I recommend for everyone to do before making a decision. 

It was difficult decision but from my personal preferences and experience at each consultation I decided to go with Elizabeth Radcliffe.

In our second meeting, I went for my measurements, picked a fabric and explored the different styles of a suit that would best suit my body and personality.

In the end i decided to go for a fully bespoke SB, three piece, navy birdseye. Baste fitting is scheduled in around a months time. 

I will be posting updates along with pictures as I go along.

What was the deciding factors that made you go with Elizabeth Radcliffe?
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Frankly, the suit doesn't look good to my eye. The obvious caveat is that it's just a basted fitting, so perhaps it'll evolve nicely by the next stage. Please keep us updated.
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There's a lot to do on it but let's see the finished product. If I was the OP I wouldn't point fit issues out to her until it was complete that's her job.
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