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Suit Fit?

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Newbie to site. Wanted to get some feedback/input on guy's findings on the best suit fit.


Little profile on myself. I'm 5'9" 170 lbs. Fairly broad shoulders for my size. Waist 30 but have bigger thighs. I like my suit pants a little more full than tapered. Drives me crazy when they don't fall/fit over shoes. Almost a relaxed fit if we were talking about denim...


Was trying to get some suggestions on favorite designers of suits that have the fit I am describing. I have had some decent luck with Armani Collezioni and Zegna.


Anymore suggestions on designers?


Any help would be much appreciated

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The post sorely lacks jacket size and upper body measurements. Location also would help.
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Thanks for the response.


Jacket size is normally at 39" Coat that gets taken in 1 1/4" at the waist. Coat length 31". Sleeve outseam is 231/4". Inseam is 17".

My tailor usually tries me out in a 40 jacket.

Location:West Palm Beach, FL

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There is no such thing as a standard fit which can be written down as you would wish. You need to go to some shops and try to establish what brands/styles meet your requirements. It is not a desk top/computer exercise.
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Was merely seeing if any particular designers were notorious for having suit pants that were more Relaxed.

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