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Suit Help

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Hey guys....first post here.  Great site....I have a pretty straightforward question.



Can a tailor shorten suit jacket length if needed?  I'm just shy of 5'11" without shoes.  I usually wear a 46R.  Size charts put me on the border of R/L.



There's a nordstrom rack near my work that has a mainline Hickey Freeman (at least I'm pretty sure it is mainline)...inside breast pocket tag says model:  Addison, not a number.   Cloth patch inside says Hickey Freeman for Nordstrom.  No LTD or black label anywhere.  Pinch test..I can fee a third layer inside in several places so I'm very confident it's not fused.


Says made in USA with fabric imported from Italy.  It's a gorgeous suit and is reg 1795.00....on the rack for 699.00



There's only one and it is 46L. 


I tried it on and I actually think the extra length makes me look a little slimmer.  I'm not really fat anyway, just kind of barrel chested.


It will certainly need the sleeves shortened and maybe overall length shortened a bit. 


Obviously I don't want to spend $700 and have it come out like crap but I don't really want to pass up on crazy savings like that over a jacket that's only a little too long if it even "really" is too long.


If I buy it, i'd like to pull the trigger tomorrow so prompt responses would be greatly appreciated.






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I'd recommend against this. Buying clothing that doesn't fit you because it seems like a steal isn't usually a good idea. With length in particular, you can adjust the hem, but importantly, you can't change:

1) the placement of the buttons
2) the placement of the pockets (I guess maybe you can if they're patch pockets, but I doubt these are)

So if you take up the hem of the jacket, it'll look weird relative to these features. Also, you'll probably just have the buttoning point too low relative to your waist, although given that the current trend is for high buttoning points, it's possible that won't be the case.
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that's the thing...i'm not even 100% sure it doesn't fit.  At an actual nordstrom's there'd be a more or less comtetent guy to measure me and the rack it's just college kids working there.  maybe I'll pop into some other local racks and see if they have similar suits in 46R....



thanks for the input

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