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Originally Posted by twinpeaks View Post

LP goods are

-of uniform good but not excellent quality

-quite overpriced


plus boots obviously are def not their focus


hence i would only buy at deep discount ,i.e., 60% off minimum

PS; I say this with the experience of being a regular LP customer. I confess that buying their boots never crossed my mind in all these years

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Well, you might be right considering that they are overpriced .. Being a lurker here for a while, l have spent a lot of time past months on this forum to find out what shoe brand is admired by some senior members, and the names l was finding on every page were- John Lobb, Church, crockett & jones, Gaziano Girlin, Santoni ..

Now, comparing Loro Piana shoes with these would be like comparing apples and oranges, however, Loro Piana has that casual, layback look, that complement with their trousers, sweaters, cardigans .. But l can understand guys spending around 750 USD for shoes want something that is like investment, loro piana shoes IMHO are not that .. l wish l could find them even 30% off price in some normal sizes, however, when l called their outlet in Novara, Italy, all they had were some small sizes like 40,41,42 ( those are like 7, 8) .. Also, lm on ebay.com on daily basis looking for LP shoes, and there is almost nothing to find, except some old worn out Open Walk model ..

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