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The Temple


Temple of Jawnz (or is it John Coppidge now?) is a outerwear brand that has become a goto source for sleek leather jackets, classic styled bombers with a contemporary fit and, in the past, helped inaugurate the varsity jacket craze of the last 4 years. If you’re in the need of a well made bomber jacket that doesn’t fit like a monstrosity, check out this thread. 


A Japanese Interpretation


Kamakura is a Japanese brand that recently opened a New York location that has received much recent attention for their classic-style oxford cloth button downs. Think Brooks Brothers circa 1980 – a beefy fabric with a great roll. They recently opened up an American online storefront, and will be rolling out a MTM program in the coming months. 


Deals of the Day


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B&S Finds



Vass Italian Oxford Brogue, 44



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