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Casual Shoulder-Season Fabrics

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Shoulder season is tough for the man who wants to wear a jacket in a casual fabric (i.e., one with real surface texture). In cold weather, tweed, woollen flannel, lambswool, Shetland, and the hairier worsted flannels are no-brainers; and there are corduroy jackets for those who like them. In hot weather, we have linen, cotton poplin, seersucker, and lightweight high-twists that get the casualizing effects of wrinkles.

But what about shoulder season? This is the perfect time for smooth worsteds, but what's a guy to do who works in an environment where a jacket in smooth worsted is too much for everyday wear? Some people say the hairier kinds of hopsack, others say wool-linen blends to get the casual effect of wrinkles, and others say worsted flannel. I guess the more burlapy 15 oz frescos and such might be good too. I've toyed with the idea of something funky, like a lighter cavalry twill in smooth tricotene/elastique weave: I figure the ribs will give it visible texture.

Many iGents seeking casualness in shoulder season go for smoother fabrics with bolder patterns. But I like to keep it toned-down, so I avoid bold patterns unless they're on really textured fabrics (cold-weather hairy fabrics or linen). B&W glen plaid, B&W herringbone. houndstooth, or single-windowpane in muted color are about the boldest I'll go unless it's on tweed or the like.

So what's a guy to do who wants casual fabrics for jackets in shoulder season, and isn't keen on bold patterns? Any advice much appreciated.
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Heavy Irish linen is warm enough for me in 60ish weather.
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What is shoulder season?
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"shoulder season?"

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Originally Posted by pendragon View Post

What is shoulder season?

Unbel defined it pretty well. Let's say it's weather of 60-73 Fahrenheit, or 15 to 23 Celsius. Too warm for the cold-weather fabrics I mention, and too cold for the hot-weather fabrics. Most of the guys here will go for smooth worsteds in that kind of weather, but I like more casual fabrics.

Good to know, Unbel. The only linen I have right now is only about 340g. I've yet to try the 400g stuff. Hopefully soon.
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All highly subjective, as people feel comfortable at different temps, but I wore Irish linen today in DC - been around 60 F all day - and have been totally comfortable.
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Blazers, heavy linen, light tweed all work.

Personally I would only wear a jacket in "shoulder season" - highs between 50 and 75. Colder and I would wear proper outerwear, warmer and I'd prefer just a shirt. Don't really find jacketings on either extreme to have much utility.
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One of the options, as I mentioned, is wool-linen. I don't know why iGents hardly ever discuss this fabric. Here's one of the few useful threads on it, with good pics of olddog/oldtrix in a wool-linen pinstripe.

Anybody know where to buy 12 oz wool-linen by the meter?
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