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Machine wash a cottonblazer?

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I need to know what your opinions are regarding this!


I have a unlined 100% cottonblazer, that i will need within 20 hours, and i live in a city where a dry clean would probably take around two to three days, so that is not an alternative.


The label on the blazer says that i should not clean it in a regular washing machine.


What are your thoughts?

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Usually not a good idea to wash blazers yourself no matter the material. Why are you cleaning it? Cause you wore it once or because there is a stain?

If no stains then just steam it.
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Dry clean it.

That you do not have time does not change my opinion of how it should be cleaned.
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Cotton does not make it acceptable for the washing machine. Shirts go in the machine because there is no structure to them. Jackets on the other hand, even unlined, have some shape to them, like the roll of the lapel. Even if you did do this, you'd need to hang dry it, which would take a few hours. And even then, no offence, but I doubt you have the ability and a capable enough iron and board(s) to hand press it so all the wrinkles came out and it looked halfway wearable.

All in all, a bad idea.
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