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Suggestions on Jeans/Denim/Pants/Slacks to go with a Dark Charcoal Blazer?

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Hey guys, first post here... looking for some help.


Just picked up a dark charcoal Hugo suit (great deal, couldn't say no, and it fit like a glove... as in, the guy helping me with it was blown away too that it didn't require any tailoring), and the color is pretty much something like this (color of the blazer, obviously):



I'm 6'1", slim fit pretty much in every category, except I don't like my pants/jeans slim at all - not too comfortable with that, and I've got a few dress shirts to go with this - white, light gray, black, and white w/ pink stripes too just to throw in some color there.


shoes - I've picked up a decent black pair but definitely need to go shopping for another pair or two - thinking dark brown over black?


anyway, I've got a few pairs of jeans already - dark raw denim ones, dark blue diesel's (these are the only ones that fit perfectly on me so far), and a few more but none of them work well with this colored blazer... so now I need some suggestions - what jeans, or denim (would you even go with dark raw denim here, as I kinda like it, as long as it's not too slim and it's comfy enough/straight cut) would you suggest I combine with this for a casual or even semi-dressy occasions (Friday night vs. everyday, workplace even?) And I am looking for color/style combinations, if possible (pictures or specific colors would be ideal, obviously).


As far as work environment goes, what would you suggest from the waist down in terms of pants/slacks (or jeans) and shoes?


I am not going for preppy nor anything extreme, just a good mix of colors/fit/styles.


Here are example of what I found to be great picks in terms of pants:



(what are those pants anyway? material and whatnot)


I would totally rock out these pants/shoes too, so let me know if that would work at all:




here is something I was looking at as well, so let me know if it would work or not:


do I go lighter?




different material/type?


get away from jeans/denim all together?







thanks in advance... 

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The fit of the clothes in the "Casual Pairings" picture is too tight - most retailers and guides don't give good advice.

The Kane jeans look okay, though they're likely overpriced. The Nudie's back pockets probably are too flashy.

The important thing is to have a modest amount color contrast between the jeans/pants and jacket. If the latter is charcoal, then the former should be medium gray or medium blue. Chinos, wool dress pants, and jeans can go with the Hugo Boss jacket, though blue and gray chinos usually don't look right and can be replaced by mid-brown pants. Depending on proportions, taupe might look okay. Also, burgundy would work. Corduroys and moleskins are additional options. For moleskins, some shades of green might be okay. Black shoes wouldn't work with most browns or greens. Whether jeans are acceptable for work cannot be said, because the relevant information hasn't been shared, but most likely only minimalist jeans might be.
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I don't why but I am just allergic, to say it that way, to taupe and chino style/color pants (those lighter ones). I probably haven't found the right match yet... so until I do, how about black pants - just noticed J. Lindeberg pants (they kinda look like a mix between dark bluejeans and pure black pants, so they're not 100% black, they've got some dark blue/brown subtlety in them) - would've picked these up to try them out but they didn't have my size.


And dark brown shoes, huh? 

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From a pure color standpoint and with black shoes, technically okay. However, black pants usually look bad in an office setting, and they tend to fade badly.
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