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Two pieces of advice. Firstly, a wedding traditionally calls for refined rather than rugged clothing. Secondly, while your shoes can be stylish, they shouldn't be too obtrusive. Your outfit should subtly draw attention to you- in practical terms, to your face- not to your feet.


The chukka boots are, as the others have said, far too rugged for that suit. Opt for a neater, sleeker shoe- preferably with a leather sole, in black. Depending on how formal the wedding is, most business shoes should be fine- oxfords (balmorals), smarter bluchers, monks, etc. (Black cap-toe oxfords are the classic choice- suitable for weddings, funerals and formal job interviews- but might be too traditional for you.)


Of course, you can push the boundaries further and opt for brown shoes. However, I'd say the lighter the brown, the more obtrusive the shoes will be and the more they will detract from the suit. Cheap tan shoes, in particular, would be awful. Good quality dark brown shoes with a matching belt would work, but would be less formal than the black option.

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Thanks - those are Carmina shell cordovan boots. I like them a lot, but I wouldn't recommend them as your first real brown dress shoes either. Shell is a little bit seasonal, and boots are particular. This would be a good choice if you like Carminas though:


On the brown shoe option, I'd second unbelragazzo's recommendation, possibly with this addition:

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Youngblood, you need some help!

Do not go to a regular mall!

Go to a Nordstrom Rack, an Off 5th, or an Outlet Mall. you should be able to find much better shoes on sale at these outlets than what you're about to get in a regular mall.

Last tip, take your girl along with you!
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Thanks that was very helpful,i was just trying to push the boundaries a little,

I have a belt identical to that one actually.

I will continue the shoe searching tomorrow,maybe i will post some pictures while im out.

I just dont really want to wear black shoes,Im pretty sure everyone going to the wedding is going to be plain,boring and "typical" if you know what i mean. 

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I did,Nordstrom had no brown shoes in my size. 

saks did,but i didnt really anything 

Going to Fluevog and billy reid tomorrow 

She works late everyday.Sunday i will bring her with me,she would recommend/make me get black shoes lol 

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