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Opinions on this combination for a wedding

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Hi,i'm 24 Years old,my sister is getting married in 2 weeks .

I recently purchased this suit.Is a CK Slim fit(im 5’5ish,150lb,light brown skin and  Broad Shoulders/chest from working out).

I really like this combination,but my Girlfriend is a little Iffy about it.

What do you guys think?,Should i change anything?

*Navy blue Shirt

*Navy blue tie

*Light grey suit

*Dark brown shoes/belt





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Im sure its fine. Is it just me or do most women have horrid taste in men clothing. Its ironic too cuz if you showed them a picture of some classic menswear they like it more than modern stuff... Idk

I once had a woman in her 30s tell me brown shoes were for old men
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Thanks for the feedback. I totally understand where you coming from,my girlfriend is in her early 20's and she has some what sense of fashion,she keep telling me, to wear black shoes/belt. I feel thats a little too old school and boring hahaha,


She said the same thing,"Only people in their late 40  wear brown shoes with a suit",Im like What?! lol

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Personally I wouldn't wear those shoes with a suit. I probably would wear black shoes with the rest of what you've got there, but at least shoes that are more dress shoes. These look like chukkas.
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Do you have a link/photo to a style that you think would complement this outfit better?

What are your POV in wearing brown shoes with grey suit in general?

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With a grey suit in general can be good. But navy and white stripe + navy satiny tie = black shoes. If you still want to wear brown shoes, at least something shaped more like this:


(these are obviously really expensive, but you can find some that aren't so costly and don't look like work boots)
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Did your girlfriend tell about all brown shoes or these particular ones? I think these boots will not look nice with suit, you need something more sleek, either in black or brown IMO.

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those chukkas are way too casual.
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Originally Posted by JLhynnLI View Post

she has some what sense of fashion,she keep telling me, to Twear black shoes/belt.

Listen to your girl on this one!
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So i went to the mall today,i found this two similar to the one you suggested.Cant decide,Opinion?





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She pretty much said it about all brown shoes lol

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I might end up BUT if i wear black shoes she wins and i have to take her to her favorite restaurant lol,we bet a date if shes right and no one agrees with me and the brown shoes hahaha.Either way  win mwink[1].gif 

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Well, those "oxfords" are not oxfords and those "wingtips" are not wingtips. If these are your first real dress shoes, you might consider getting something cleaner, a real oxford like the second one, but without the brogueing. Like these (unfortunately these seem to be the cheapest ones on that site that have the qualities I'm describing):

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Got it,Not my first real dress shoes,but my first "real" brown dress shoes. 


i really like the http://ivorytowerstyle.tumblr.com/post/46592044126/my-new-carmina-shell-boots-i-saw-them-at-pitti

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Thanks - those are Carmina shell cordovan boots. I like them a lot, but I wouldn't recommend them as your first real brown dress shoes either. Shell is a little bit seasonal, and boots are particular. This would be a good choice if you like Carminas though:

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