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French Tailoring Thread (e.g. Camps de Luca, Cifonelli, Smalto and etc.) - Page 24

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Thank you for the insight. I must admit I spoke a bit soon about Cifo RTW. Since last night I've been doing a bit more research and am thinking that something more in the Pal Zileri/ Hartwood area may be ideal as it would meet my needs for a well made suit in a fairly standard makeup at a reasonable price. I must admit, though, that I have always admired the Neapolitan silhouette. I've set aside a given amount from my last summer position and semester of tutoring to spend on wardrobe upgrades so the question really becomes one of a higher priced suit with a less in the way of shirts and ties, or the other way around. My research must continue, but thanks to everyone for illuminating more possibilities.
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Why would you go to Cifo RTW? It's made by Caruso and sold at a premium, I don't really see the point.

Honestly, if you want well made suits in RTW, do target (especially on sale) Corneliani, Pal Zileri and Canali. They're very good value for money (on sale).


Otherwise, if you're thinking about spending the kind of money that would cover a Cifo RTW, do walk a few more blocks up to Jean-Manuel Moreau and order a MTM Orazio Luciano - La Vera Sartoria Napoletana. You'll pay a tad less and get a beautiful napolitean cut. 


Cifonelli uses Caruso Golden Finish option.


I would go for Cifo RTW, just because the fitting is made by Lorenzo Cifo.

And Alterations are made by Cifonelli staff, they adjust a lot of things.


Also sales guy in the boutique is very helpful. Not like most of other ready to wear brands...

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Bear in mind that you want to consider cut first and foremost even before who the maker is. A well made suit that doesn't have a cut that pleases you will always be worn less frequently than a lesser suit with a great cut.
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People tend to pick up a taylor first regardless the cut they really want...

If you like uber structured suit,do not go to A&S or Rubinacci Napoli..
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A French magazine article on different Parisian tailors.  The turn-around time seems very quick -- only 4 weeks at Charvet and 6 at Cifonelli?  I'll have to double-check my translation with my wife in the morning.  For easier reading, click to enlarge.





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Yes, they wrote "4 weeks at Charvet and 6 weeks at Cifonelli".


But Challenges is a Financial magazine... There is a lot generalities and mistakes.



Charvet shouldn't not be compare to Cifonelli, there are well-known for their shirts not there suits. 

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Oh nice it's professional of NHK !

It's a pretty cool tv show. Can wait to see that.... 

The French lawyer doesn't seems easy customer ! ^^ 


It will be live next December 9th (Monday), NHK is a free chanel so you can easily see this tv show.

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Dear Folks:

Got a blazer from a consignor recently, leading to this exchange:

1. 1995 Sulka bespoke blazer (maker?)

>>Ciffonelli. Yes. I know, this is surprising. A client, who gets clothes made there as well said that ciffonelli did some CMT services >>years ago with Sulka. That jacket was actually made, fit, and delivered in Paris. It is the Ciffonelli cut, model, and styling details

I have not seen any recent Cifonelli bespoke up close. All I can note is that the interior pockets are set at a slant, like hacking pockets, as pictured below. Is this an indication of any particular Parisian tailor or house? Does anyone know who Sulka used in Paris about 20 years ago?

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A number of tailors do the pocket that way. I think Urban did for example.

I spoke to Cifonelli about this claim, they categorically denied having made suits for Sulka.
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Not sure if this has been posted before but here's a piece from Permanent Style about a bespoken Cifonelli suit: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/12/cifonelli-navy-suit.html#.UqQ74fRDt8E

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Looks interesting. Is there an English translation? Thanks.
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When are the dates that Cifonelli will next be visiting NYC?

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Originally Posted by ryantanner512 View Post

When are the dates that Cifonelli will next be visiting NYC?

They don't generally schedule far in advance (like British tailors), but it is usually every other month or so.

Best bet is to send them an email, or call and speak with Romain and they'll inform you of their next visit a few weeks before.
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