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Watches on Watches on Watches


StyleForum posters have awesome (and I mean awesome) taste in watches. Really impressive stuff. This thread is a catalogue of what watches everyone owns – and, take it from me, Timex need not apply. It’s basically a pictorial of the best of the best. Lots of IWC and Patek.


How to Take Care of Your Shoes


What’s the point of owning expensive shoes if you treat them like crap? As much as the shoes themselves matter, taking care of them – using shoe trees and proper products – has as much to do with how a shoe looks as anything else. This thread is an informational (and action-packed) introduction to shoe care and product selection. 


Deals of the Day


John Lobb Monkstraps, 8.5 


Margiela Sidezip Boots, 8 US


B&S Finds



Temple of Jawnz Baseball Jacket, 54ish



Pal Zileri Sartoriale Cashmere and Vicuna Sportcoat, 38