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Buying shirts for an IT project management position

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I am about to start a job for a Fortune 500 firm as an IT project manager. I will be working with upper management, developers/engineers, analysts, and end users. The dress code is business casual.


My question is whether I should buy "casual shirts" or "dress shirts". Casual shirts tend to be oxford button downs while dress shirts are made of silkier, lighter material. Which shirts would be more appropriate in this environment?


I will need to buy a bunch of these shirts, so should I get a little bit of each? I will NOT be wearing a tie

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I'm not sure about your distinction between "casual" and "dress" shirts, but you're going to be working with upper management. If you aren't sure about the dresscode, then wear the less casual shirt. After a few days, you'll know what to expect, and you can adapt.

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Thing is, I want to buy about 5 of these shirts and dont want to waste $100 on shirts that I may possible swap out for more casual shirts. I guess it could never hurt to wear dressier shirts as I see a lot of men wearing dress shirts for business casual. 


Dress shirt:



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If you don't have OCBD in white & blue, you're not going to be wasting your money on them, whether you use them for business or not--especially at the $20-30 price point. I think you will waste more money trying to find the right style & fit, but these per se are basic staples. Personally, I can't imagine an environment where you're not required to wear a tie but will be criticized for an OCBD vs dress shirt. That said, VinnyMac's suggestion makes a lot of sense, if you did not get a sense of how people dress during your interviews/office visits.

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You will never go wrong with button down polo oxfords.  They are a staple of the IT community and last forever (I have some that are over 15 years old).  Make sure to get them fitted afterwards because the classic fit is pretty voluminous

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Look at how your colleagues from India dress and copy.
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White shirt + tie  first day, if you're way too formal wait until later in the day then lose the tie and roll the sleeves.

Personally I find its easier to dress down than dress up (ie, I'd rather take off a jacket and tie at 10:30) then rock up on my first day & be under dressed while meeting everyone.

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How do I get a job as an IT project manager?
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Normal process is Apply > Interview > Hire

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Then I'm done for
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Originally Posted by Joseph Matthews View Post

Then I'm done for

OR you can start your own IT firm and give yourself whatever title you want....Give yourself ALL of the titles.

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I guess you cant go wrong with OCBD. I bought a couple thinner, softer dress shirts as well. I think Im going to skip the tie for the first day though.

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