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I have never owned a seersucker suit. I think I always pictured Matlock. I tried one on recently with my wife along. I was surprised we both liked it so I bought it. My daughter loves it too surprisingly and has asked that I wear it to her high school graduation. Left to my own devices, I would have looked to something dressier. In a way though, it makes sense. In today's dress down (read slovenly) world, I and her mother are typically the most dressed at any school function. One of her friends once said, wow your dad looks like a weatherman on tv. (Huh). Turns out she has never seen a man she knows in a suit. A bizarre explanation that surprised my daughter and I both. But I digress.

The graduation is late afternoon and then we a hosting a party outdoors at our home afterward. It will be hot so the seersucker casual makes sense I think. It won't look any more out of place from a formality perspective because I expect many of these people will wear shorts and t shirts to the ceremony! Last night she requested I wear it with my spectators (no problem) and a bow tie. Ok, now I'm not so confident. Never worn a bow tie other than for formal wear. Should I do cotton or silk? Is this going to look costumey? I'm going to do it for her regardless but I would appreciate some advice on bow ties with seersucker.

Long post for a short question but the state of dress of parents at her school in a relatively affluent area drives me insane!
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If you feel comfortable in the seersucker, wear it.

If you feel uncomfortable or hesitant at the thought of wearing it with a bowtie, wear a tie. Otherwise, no matter what support or encouragement you get from your wife, your daughter and/or this forum, your bowtie will be wearing you rather than the other way round, and you will spend the day wondering intermittently whether people think you look like Colonel Sanders. First instincts are not always right but they are almost always definitive.
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I don't mind standing out in my clothes, but that's just a personality thing for me. Stiva has it right, I'd say.


I'll offer one piece of encouragement -- my one qualm about seersucker is that it might make me look like a gentleman from the South -- and I am neither.

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Thanks Stiva. I appreciate the advice and it is normally exactly what I would say to the same question. For a lot of reasons right now, however, I am willing for these few hours to do whatever my daughter wants. Also, I think I might decide I like it. You hit the nail on the head with the col sands thing though! Hmmm, maybe I should go all out and grow a goatee!
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OK, decision made.

Spectators are a great choice - in my view better than bucks even if not as trad with seersucker.

Seersucker + bowtie is a classic combo of course. My choice would be a white linen button down shirt with a bowtie in darker hues with a check, tartan or dotted design. Silk will provide a nice textural mix with the linen shirt and cotton suit.

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Perfect picture. Thanks Stiva.
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It's kind of a southern thing really. I work in state politics and we have a "seersucker day" at the Capitol once every legislative session. Looks good with a bow tie and buck shoes.
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