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Clothing management software

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Anybody have any advice on software to manage your wardrobe? I want to inventory my closets, complete with photos to create a system to better manage and plan my purchases. Also I want to be able to quickly put together outfits. The management system is really for convenience for when I travel. I would anticipate that it would be easier to transfer clothing when I stay at my vacation homes. In the past I have used tags to identify what clothing I took on trips. I am guilty of wearing my most recent purchases and not including other articles. It ends up looking like I have just a couple of suits as I have those cleans and repack them. Personal wardrobers catalog clothing for clients. I have used one in the past but they didn't do this for me. From the Robb Report article Style: The Style Council by William Kissel of 9/1/03, "Partners David Heil and Rick Lamitie of California's David Rickey, for instance, invented a patented color- and number-coordinated wardrobe management program that enables their clients"”including sports greats Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson, and Dan Marino"”to put together any outfit at a moment's notice." "I live in five homes around the world," says business and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, chief executive of Robbins Research International in La Jolla, Calif., and a regular client of David Rickey's Heil. "Recently, I was at my home in Fiji and was asked to speak at the World Economic Forum in China. I'm pretty informal in Fiji and don't keep a lot of suits there, so I just called David and he put together something appropriate and sent it directly to China so it was waiting when I arrived." Heil and Lamitie also photographed and cataloged Robbins' entire wardrobe on a private web site so he and his assistants can discuss and precoordinate outfits regardless of where the busy executive is in the world." I'd appreciate input.
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I must say, the very concept of "clothing management software" has implications that humble me...
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my management software: memory my planning of purchase software: impulse keep it simple...
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I'm sure it may be practical but I feel clothing management software gets between a man and his clothes. Not a good thing.
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I guess I just can't relate, in the sense that I don't have 5 different homes, and clothes in all of them.  The concept of using software kind of takes away some of the artistry of developing a personal style as well, I would think.  I suppose if one had just tons of clothing that you really needed to track, it could be a helpful tool, though....and if anybody makes that software, it would have to be Microsoft, right? It sounds from the article like Messrs. Heil and Lamitie have very fun jobs and provide a great service to a specific clientele.....But honestly, my opinion of Dan Marino just went down approximately 27%.      That guy was a legend on the gridiron.
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Why not Excel, Access, or any other basic database software?
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sports greats Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson, and Dan Marino
If their software had anything to do with that horrid mixture of 3 shades of black (suit, shirt and tie) that Phil Jackson wore during game 4, I would stay far away from it.
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I'd be really interested in something like this too just because I'm so clueless as which clothes go together. I remember reading how Peyton Manning needed help too, but his method was more low-key. I think it involved polaroid photos attached to his clothes in the closet as to what matched. He probably had several photos for the same shirt, just so he wouldn't be wearing the same thing every day. I'm assuming a program would be similar to that. You would type or click on the picture of a shirt you wanted to wear. Then, a list of photos of all the different pants would come up that would match the shirt. At this point, only certain pants would match the shirt, and only those would come up. Otherwise, you would be overwhelmed by your choices. And, then a list of photos of ties would come that would match the shirt and pants. However, using this paradigm, somebody would have to go through all the clothes and decide what matched. This might take longer that you think, due to all the permutations. Also, another difficulty, would be when you buy new clothes. You'd have to update that, and have to decide what it would match.
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I happen to think there is considerable legitimacy to this concept. Examples: Certain of my ties need to be tied in Prince Albert or half-windsor knots for length reasons. Certain shirts are marginally shorter in the sleeves, and certain suits marginally longer in the sleeves. Certain shoes fit best with thicker socks. There are too many details and combinations to remember, and it would be nice to key in "shirt 37" and have the computer remind you "not to be worn with suits 6 or 9. Use full knot to fill collar gap."
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There must be more to life than having everything. --Maurice Sendak
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Whoever said that money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop. --Anonymous
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The concept of finding and accessing my computer in the morning while rushing to get it together to get out to the gym and then to work is too daunting to contemplate. I will leave that to the younger generation. Fortunately, I have a built-in data-base in my teenage daughter with impeccable (albeit a tad conservative) clothing judgment. If I stray too far from good taste, she shrieks "Daddy, you're not going to wear that?."
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Can we list all applications available out there: I mean software for clothing management, closet management, wardrobe management, clothing inventory, outfit management. Here are some:
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