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Crepe/rubber soles. Properly welted?

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Firstly, hello to one and all. I'm a long-time lurker but first-time poster.


I want to add a pair of suede desert boots to my collection. However, I have seen plenty of crepe or rubber soled boots from the likes of Grenson, Cheaney, Church etc that appear to have a welted construction, but no stitching is visible on the underside of the sole.


Is this a standard construction for desert boots? Is the welt just for show, with the sole being glued in place, or do crepe soles have some sort of hidden stitching? I don't want to spend several hundred £ on a boot with glued soles, so any advice on this would be most appreciated.

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I have a pair of Clarks desert boots. Appears that there is a leather sole that is stitched/welted to the upper and footbed and then the Crepe is glued to the leather sole. They are a minimalist design with little structure but very comfortable.

I would save your money and buy the Clarks if the more expensive brands make them the same way. I've seen a few people resole the Clarks DB with new Vibram soles and they look terrific.
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I have a pair of chukka boots with a crepe rubber sole. The stitching is visible underfoot. Not sure the stitching could be hidden in a crepe sole though.
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If you can see the stitching from the top but not the bottom it's likely they were constructed using a "mid" or "slip" sole.
The welt is stitched to the upper, the mid-sole is stitched to the welt, the sole is cemented to the mid-sole.
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