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J Crew Ludlow Suit Pant Question - Classic fit vs Slim fit

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I'm finally getting around to ordering the Ludlow suit and am torn between which fit to purchase the pants in. I definitely prefer a slimmer fit so I am leaning towards the slim suit pant (hemmed), but I'm wondering how the slim vs classic compare in their suiting.


I own a few pairs of their Bowery pants in both classic and urban slim fit and I was going to purchase a slim fit based on my preference between the two, but I'm just not sure how they cut their suit pants. If they are similar cuts compared to the Bowery or any other pant, etc. I am tempted to order both cuts in my size and see what fits best but would rather just take care of the purchase in one fell swoop.


Does anyone have an experience owning both cuts?


Thanks for the help.

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Update, I just ordered both pairs. I'll compare and share when they arrive, post tailoring (if I even need it).

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So what's the verdict :D?

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I hope you went slim. Even on the slim pants I find the thigh is ridiculously bulky and still needs to be trimmed. I find their slim pants to out of proportion. They slim nicely at the ankle, but take way too long to get there.
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I kept both pairs of pants as they ended up being pretty versatile overall.


The classic cut is more like a "boot cut" and is a lot looser than the slim, a lot. It's barely tapered. I am a 33x31 and 31" isn't available at J.Crew so I ordered the 32" and had them hemmed an inch. I wear them with suede MacAlister boots for a laid back look. They definitely look funny when worn with more traditional dress shoes because the lack of tapering creates a slight flared look. However, the look with the boots is pretty nice, sort of a laid back summer/beach outfit more or less. Sometimes I flip the ankles up for a cuffed look and that works really well too.


The slim cut is very trim in my opinion. I'm 6'1 185lbs in pretty good shape (no excess) and where I found the pants to be lacking for me was in the seat. They are pretty trim. I have a muscular lower body/legs so the pants hug a bit, but they look really good. What I bought is also Italian Chino so it's a stiffer fabric. I don't think that a wool pant would quite be as snug....


I also bought these in a 32" inseam and had them shortened an inch which worked out really well. They look great with more traditional dress shoes and I've even worn them with boat shoes.


I mean it's all relative to your body but to answer your question or give feedback, the two cuts are drastically different. I would advise anyone looking to purchase to go slim.


I have photos somewhere. If I find time I will post some.

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Mine is slim cut. I find it fits the shape of the suit better.
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