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I'm getting married in November, can I please have some advice on the suits?

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Apologies in advance if I've gone into too much detail, but it's kind of necessary to build a mental picture. At the moment I'm unsure of the shirts and pocket squares for my groomsmen, as I would like theirs to be different to mine so that my suit stands out a bit from theirs. Any advice that you would have, particularly regarding the shirts and pocket squares would be greatly appreciated.


I will most likely will get the suits for the two groomsmen and myself made to measure via as unfortunately with a house on the way my budget doesn't extend to three designer suits, even OTR ones. At least this way I can get the details of the suits exactly how I'd like them (materials, linings, lapels, etc) without paying a fortune. It's not going to be the most formal wedding ever, so a dinner suit isn't necessary, but I would still like a few little touches with our suits to set us apart from our guests. My inspiration for the suits is actually Sean Connery's grey three piece from Goldfinger, albeit with a few differences. We're in Australia, so November here is late spring. My fiancee's dress is ivory and her bridesmaids will be in lavender, so I'm trying to keep the theme of lavender/purple. The bridesmaids dresses are the same colour as this:



I've decided on three piece suits in a grey pick and pick (sharkskin) like this:


IMHO it's more interesting than a solid grey and the fiancee was all against a nice glen plaid like Sean Connery wore. I've decided on notch lapels, button two jackets, single vents, ticket pockets, functioning cuff buttons and flat fronted trousers with side tab adjusters to avoid wearing belts. The jackets and waistcoats will be lined in a dark purple, the back of my waistcoat will match the purple lining, but the groomsmen will have grey. I figure since there will likely be warm weather, the jackets will come off and with a waistcoat the three of us should stand out amongst the rest of the riff raff at the reception.


I was going to get our shirts MTM from institchu, without pockets or a placket , I was thinking of either the palest possible blue, or palest possible lavender for the groomsmen and plain white for myself. My fiancee feels it's important for my suit to stand out from the groomsmen, so we thought a slightly different coloured shirt would help. I'd prefer the light blue, but she'd prefer the lavender. I guess keeping the colour palette limited to grey and purple/lavender is a good idea, but I think it might be too much.


As for ties, I was hoping to add some texture, and since it's not a terribly formal wedding, I was leaning towards dark purple silk knit ties (Connery wore a navy blue silk knit with his grey three piece in Goldfinger), although dark purple grenadine ties would be nice too. I'd most likely get the ties from or


I'd really like us to have pocket squares, as it's something I've always wanted to wear one with a suit. I was going to have a plain white square to match my shirt, and for the boys I was thinking of dark purple go with the tie, maybe a paisley or a gingham? Or something a little more outrageous like this Since I'm new at this pocket squares business, I'm really struggling to find the line between too boring and too distracting.


Shoes will be black, something plain like derby shoes (bluchers).


Again, apologies for typing a novel and thank you in advance.

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Read the first post in this thread, and then post there if you have more questions:

Thank you!
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Oh bollocks! Sorry about that.

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