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Matching up a grey sport coat??

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New here so sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.  But trying to figure out how to match up this grey sport coat that I got.  Its a medium to slightly dark gray jacket, two buttons, very light weight/spring and summer jacket.  It has a very light pinstripe, but barely noticeable so it doesn't look like a suit without the pants.


I know I can wear this with khakis and brown/camel shoes, but what else?  What about brown slacks and brown/camel shoes with just a white shirt?  I'm not a fan of black shoes outside of suits, but is there a way that would work (I was thinking black pants, white shirt, black shoes with the jacket)?


Thanks in advance, just looking for a little help on how this jacket expands the wardrobe.

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It doesn't expand the wardrobe. Even if it's not pinstriped, a plain gray worsted jacket is going to look like an orphaned suit, unless the pockets are marking it out as a sportcoat. I'm pretty open-minded on this front, too -- just the other day, I suggested that somebody could put leather buttons on a gray orphan with a faint herringbone and get away with it for a while. Without that texture? I'm afraid not. With the stripe? It's the orphaned top half of a suit.


That's not such a good look. It certainly goes against SF groupthink. Guys do it a lot in the real world, and it never looks as good as an actual sportcoat would. There are some orphans that can work with a button swap, but a striped jacket isn't really one of them. Sorry, dude. You live and learn. I made the same mistake.


Also, if you get a gray jacket that's definitely a sportcoat, don't wear it with black pants, or black shoes. Your choices are: the other shade of gray (dark trou, light jacket, or light trou, dark jacket), tan, brown, olive (maybe), navy (depending on how extreme your views on navy pants are). Gray tweeds are a good pairing for unusual colors in cords or moleskins, too.

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It wasn't expensive by any means, just something that fit well and is very breathable (something I could use in the summer time).  To me at least, it doesn't look like an orphan if matched up well.  I actually like the way it looks with brown/close to olive pants and a white shirt, but wondering how to match the shoes with it- camel or brown?  Here are some picks of the jacket if it helps





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thats a suit jacket with a tonal stripe
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Might be a bit controversial, but if you don't hate the jeans/sport coat look, I think that's one way to use a grey SC. But from the pictures...yeah, that looks very very orphan suit jacket. Sorry.

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That looks more like an orphan than not whatever the vendor might have claimed. Not really suitable as a sports coat.
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