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Damn....almost 500 hits on this thread already and only 3 days into May.
Methinks you're doing something right, Claghorn. My compliments. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by ChetBakerSings View Post

I resisted the temptation to buy some Sam Hober pocket squares before the grace period ended yesterday.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I like them, but I don't need them—especially since I'm wearing a suit/jacket far less often these days. Perhaps if I make it through the month, I'll treat myself to one.

In full lockdown mode now.

Both are beautiful, but I'd say go with the first rather than the second. One plain linen pocket square is pretty similar to the next. And I agree, they'd make an excellent end of the month gift to yourself.

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^ It's an off-white silk square actually. But of the two, I like the madder best also.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

me no understand

Everyone streams.

Made it through the night without a purchase!
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You just won't have access to the emergency fund.

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Unfortunately I may need to dip into the emergency fund already.

I got my cashmere Polo by Corneliani blazer back from the dry cleaner yesterday. It went in a 3-roll-2 and came back a hard 3 button. I pointed out the mistake, and they proceeded to iron a hard crease into the lapels. The lapels are puckering now from the ironing. baldy[1].gif

It may be a goner, but I want to take it by a tailor and see if there's anything he can do.
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Also, before taking it to a tailor, maybe a better dry cleaner?

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Ok, ten bucks of the emergency fund spent on the pressing. The guy did a quick press when I was in the shop and to my surprise and delight it looks like it's going to be good as new. He wants to spend some more time with it to get it just right, so I'll pick it up in a week.

I also made a couple of returns while out and so came out ahead smile.gif
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Yup, that seems unwearable; good use of emergency funds and I'm glad it came out ok.

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Gilt has free shipping ! Lol there is a sweater vest for $49 . Really tempted.
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Sweater vest you say?


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Lol. Thanks for the inspirations. I will pass the sale. I think I should un subscribe form gilt, myhabit, yoox and all the online stores. Every week some one is sending a special code to rob my wallet.
How many of you actually unsubscribed form your favorite online stores(if any) ??
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