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Man of Lint is taking some well deserved R&R and has passed the club off to me. And like any good upstart, I'm making a few changes.


In my eyes, our issue is making unwise spending choices (like the horse from Sex in the City, impulse buying every shoe that catches her fancy), thus May NPC will address this. It will encourage restraint and wisdom rather than total abstention.


The official dates: May 2, 11:59PM - May 28, 11:59PM

Why these dates? Well, the two days at the start of May are to give those of us who participated in April time to settle our tailoring bills and/or address any other clothing needs for the next month. As far as the early end...


Delayed gratification is the name of the game

As stated earlier, the goal of May NPC is not abstention but rather the curbing of impulse purchases. In this thread, you should post any and all temptations you encounter throughout the month. At the end of the month, you should look back and reevaluate your temptations, asking for advice from the thread if you see fit. After reevaluating the stuff you almost bought, should you still feel like it is a wise or necessary addition in your wardrobe, you are to use the days of May 29 and May 30 to add them.


A secondary note: I personally will be using this as an award system for myself. I make it the entire month without purchasing anything--there is nothing I need--I will guilt free buy myself a Hober tie.


One-for-one karma

The idea here is restraint, not abstention; if NPC gives you enough pause to reconsider that Abercrombie and Fitch shirt you've been eying at the mall, it's done its job. However, sometimes we come across deals foolish to pass up (such a 3 dollar E. Cappelli tie last month) so....


All transgressions are to be addressed with a dollar for dollar donation (via Paypal) to one of the following:


- Wikipedia Foundation

- Oxfam

- Habitat for Humanity

- Children in Need


The lucky fellow with the 3 dollar Cappelli would need to donate 3 dollars to the Wikipedia Foundation. Upon this donation, the NPC will consider his soul balanced, his slate clean, and he will be a member of the NPC in full standing.


Failure to make said donation will demote you from a member in full standing to a probationary member. Further transgressions will result in mockery, belittlement, and chores.


Everything else

Alright, most of us know the rules. No purchasing of clothing or associated accessories (watches, shoes, pocket squares, ties, etc). No unnecessary fixes (taking in the sides of that jacket can wait). $100 dollar emergency fund is available to those who sign up before May 2nd, but use of the fund is dependent on approval from either MoL, myself, or if he shows and up agrees to be a dick about it, FCF.


All transgressions are to be posted here. All temptations are to be posted here.


Sign Up Sheet


Man of Lint












Members in Full Standing


Members on Probation

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I like these new rules, Claghorn.

I'd like to participate in May, but I rely on eBay selling for supplementary income. I took a month off thrift shopping in April for NPC but need to build up inventory again in May. Can purchases made with intent to resell be excluded? If I were to buy something for myself, I'd follow the donation rule.
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That seems fair.

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I'm in!
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

That seems fair.

Great. I'm in.
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Four more days to sign up nod[1].gif

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I'm in.
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I'm in. I spent far too much in March and early April until I realized how much I owed in taxes. No buy May for me.

Edit - Also Habitat for Humanity is a great charity. If you get the chance volunteer your physical labour for a weekend to help build/fix a house. I promise you there is little more satisfying than knowing you've helped another family attain shelter.
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Added to the list.


Last day of April folks. May 1st and May 2nd sign ups get full access to the emergency fund.

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I am officially IN. I will be doubling my spring cleaning efforts over here.
I would also like to encourage all lurkers from outside to take a minute and sign-up to our beloved Styleforum and join in.
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I'm in. I've been on a binge lately and need this badly.
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I'm in, lately it seems I've been dreaming up holes in my wardrobe to justify anything that catches my interest. Hopefully a month off will give me some time to reevaluate.
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I am in. I have dropped jacket for alteration this Monday. Will pick it up on next Tuesday. And will have to pay $150 upon pickup.
Since the alteration was arranged prior to this signup I guess its ok!
I really hope not to spend any money on any clothing , shoes and clothing related items. I need to do this to boost my finance.
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Count me in. Have some polo's coming, but they were purchased few weeks ago. biggrin.gif

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been a long time since I joined the NPC...I'm back in for this month. I don't have a job, so this should be easy considering I don't have any money. However, if I get a job (trying to secure an interview right now, fingers crossed it goes through), I may need to pick up a few staples, but I'll cross that bridge when the time comes. Until then, no purchases in May for me!
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