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Are These Lapels Too Wide?

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The jacket is a 42r linen jacket, with a lapel width of approximately 3.75"

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It looks fine. Unless you are into the "skinny suit" fad, it doesn't
look out of style.
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Nope, they look great.
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I agree, lovely lapels.

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Yes. IMO, they're too wide for notch lapels. They make the jacket look like a costume piece. Of course, some people will disagree.

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Near perfect width in my opinion.
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They're very of-the-moment. The downside to that is that they're very of-the-moment. These are wider than would be considered "classic" by conservative tastes. Not outrageously so, but definitely in accordance with the current trend. If you like widish lapels, get it and enjoy.
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I own this jacket in 40R and they're not as wide as they look in the pic - note that the lapels are actually meeting at the third button, not at the second button. This gives a shortening (thus widening) effect to the lapels in the picture vs. a standard 2-button jacket.

I like this jacket because it's an off-white without being cream, which does not work with my complexion (and white being impossible to maintain). But from the picture, I'd assumed that there would be more of a roll to the third button, when it really is more of a three-button jacket. I like to wear it out at night when I'm too lazy to suit up.

They are some of the wider lapels I own and one of the two jackets I own that I dislike wearing 3.25" ties with. But I rarely wear ties with SC anyways - I'd just wear a suit in that case.
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Any more thoughts?
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OT: Would that be considered a true 3-roll-2 button jacket,or just a 3 button? Since the upper button is mostly hidden when done, and the lapel roll starts between mid and upper button. 

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Looks fine to me. Neapolitan?

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