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Suitsupply is a European company that has received much praise for offering low-priced, well-fitting (and even Italian-esque!) suits online and through a wide number of storefronts. They’ve recently expanded into the US, with an online shop and a number of locations, namely in New York. This thread is all about Suitsupply – what the cuts are, how they fit, and more. If you’re in need of a cheap suit, this is probably the first place to look. 


Selecting a Wallet

What do you look for in a wallet? Do you prefer a card case, or a billfold? What’s your favorite brand, or your favorite material? This short thread (but with promise!) is a discussion on wallet likes and dislike. Read!


Deals of the Day


Maison Martin Margiela Shearling 5-Zip, 52 


Vass 3-Color Wingtips, 9 UK


B&S Finds


Alden Suede Longwings, 7.5 D


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Carmina for Canali Captoe Bluchers, 11 D