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"menswear" magazine articles

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I posted this on Ask Andy, no response there I was at a retail store and saw this trade magazine called Menswear. It had industry news (like zegna head in US changing etc). It had a series of photospreads called "The art of the remix" or "The art of the mix" (or something similarr) that showed interesting ways of combining suits, shirts, ties patterns, colours etc. Like a tan glen plaid suit with broad pink stripped shirt and dark tie. Quite fetching. Any of our esteemed forum members have access to this magazine, could they scan and post the pictures? It may be good to find a location to post clever combinations one sees in print. -Thanks
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Menswear is done twice yearly and is intended to be the consumer edition of DNR. Both magazines are owned by Fairchild Publications. I have one copy of the mag you mentioned, and I'll try to hunt down a few more.
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Thanks, Does this mean that they pick features from DNR or are they exclusive to Menswear -
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Exclusive to Menswear... A favorite local specialty store has a cache of them, so I'll have some. If anyone's interested, message or e-mail me.
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I strongly agree with the sentiment that we should have a repository of excellent photos, showing well matched outfits.  This is really the part of dressing I have the most trouble with. Anyone want to scan the magazine photos Steve has been nice enough to offer? I can do it at the library if no one has a scanner available. ****Steve, your PM box is full.
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I don't remember if it wa GQ or Esquire (probably the one that has the "Top/Best 100 stores" list) but they had photoshoots showing some of the proprietors/managers decked out. I think it was the Richards or Mitchells in a grey purple label suit, another in a windowpane sport coat outfit etc. Any one know which issue etc. Just more candidates for the photobank -
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Send them to me, I can scan and upload them. Address info is here address PM me and I will give you more info. JJF
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I'll take a copy. But you PM box is full. Please PM me so I can give you my address. Thanks. Jon.
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I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble about 3-4 weeks ago after someone posted here about it. Nice rag. The Scott Omelianuk (sp?) article was especially solid, shame it only comes out twice per annum. You might try B&N, Books-A-Million, or your other favorite local book megastore. Somebody may still have one on their shelves.
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If anyone is in serious desperation to have the most recent Menswear, there are numerous copies at my nearest - and best - newstand/store in NYC and I would be happy to either direct you there (State News on 72nd St. and 3rd Ave.) or send you a copy. BTW, what is DNR? An industry magazine?
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DNR is a trade magazine, it's a suppliment of WWD. It's not available on newstands, only subscription for around $80 a year. BTW, in the current issue of Menswear, on the first few pages is a nice review of Steve B.'s book.
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BTW, what is DNR? An industry magazine? I always thought it was a medical procedure (or lack therof). Learn something new every day   JJF PS: WWD is Womans Wear Daily...
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