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Fully-canvassed/Half-canvassed slim suit for $500?

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Can you buy something like this for $500 new, OTR, and not on sale? When I say slim I mean like Topman, Zara, H&M slim.
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how much more would you have to spend to even get to half-canvassed then?
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I believe Ludlow's are half-canvassed. Could be wrong.

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The Benjamin suits from eHaberdasher are fully-canvassed for $500. They aren't going to be trendy like Topman, Zara or H&M though.
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Maybe some cut of suit supply? It wont look cartoonish like zara and that ilk, though.
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Starting at $480 and fully canvassed:

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djmano: the major problem is the style you want. I can't actually think of anyone who sells exactly that style in a high quality manufacture, though some of the more experienced members probably can; pretty sure it won't be under $500 though. I guess that Suitsupply place might be closest, though I think they only have a storefront in NY; otherwise you're online ordering. I think they have some pretty skinny cuts.


If you would compromise on the cut there are quite a few options, but they're all more traditionally-styled so far as I'm aware.

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it just seems like myself and many of the younger gentlemen on this forum are always looking for the same thing: a slim fitting suit of quality construction. i suppose once you get to the age when you can afford the good stuff, your taste in the way the suit is cut becomes more traditional.

i am terrified of going bespoke....i have a hard time choosing and i wouldnt even know where to begin

i have been looking at the benjamin suits, i know they have a slimmer cut the 'lucente' i believe but im not sure exactly how slim it is judging by their website's pictures.
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Actually, that Thick as Thieves rec might be the closest to what you're looking for. Online MTM is always a bit of a gamble but their house style is more in line with what you want I think.
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Originally Posted by djmano View Post

it just seems like myself and many of the younger gentlemen on this forum are always looking for the same thing: a slim fitting suit of quality construction.


You can get a slim fitting suit that is constructed very nicely. Maybe not for $500, but the style is out there. The problem is in looking for the Zara/H&M style. It is trendy, current, and will probably look dated in five years time. So really, who wants to spend the time, effort, and money on a suit that will fall out of style in a few years? I'm sure someone out there has made a fully canvassed suit in the style you are looking for, but it isn't going to be very common. Not only that, but once a man starts to delve deeper into the catacombs of classic menswear, he begins to realize that there really is something to traditionally styled and tailored suits. That being the case, he is likely to toss out his Zara suits before they fall out of "fashion" anyway. 

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i mean, would you guys equate slim fitting suits as being non-traditional? i dont want a suit that has flashy details, but i do like it cut rather on the skinny side.

not to stir up any bad feelings but i feel like a suit with trousers that arent pretty slim on the leg can never look 'sharp.' same for the silhouette of the jacket.

would you say this is a slim fitting suit? im guessing its bespoke tho so maybe not a fair comparison.
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Some people think different things when they hear "slim fit." There are some suits out there that are slim, short, and have very skinny lapels. These are the ones that I think look bad and will look worse in 5 years.


Then there are the "slim fit" suits that simply have a slimmer sillouette. This works better for those with a slim or athletic physique, but will still look classic, provided the wearer has the right build. Despite what the pictures show on the Suit Supply website (models wearing suits 2 sizes too small), their suits are rather classically styled. Some cuts have high buttoning points, but there are others that don't.

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thank you msulinski. guess im going to suit supply.
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Right, I agree with msulinski - you said you wanted the Zara/H&M style, which is not just slim fit, it's virtually painted on, with lapels you need the CSI team's magic 'enhance' computer to find and a jacket that just barely passes the waistband of the pants. If you don't really want to take things to that extreme and you just want a more reasonable slim fit but without entirely abandoning the usual norms of a decent suit, then things look better.

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