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Dress Slacks - Need Recommendations

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Hello All-
I have been a long time Brooks Brothers supporter and when I went to replace some of my slacks (my Fitzgerald GF suit pants still seem perfect) I find the Madison fit is too slim for me now. Pants have always been difficult as I am active with Crossfit and Ice Hockey so the cut of thighs and rise are always challenging. Are there any other OTR slacks that have similar quality (need these as a workhorse type pant)?

Thank You.
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Well, the Madison is a traditional cut, so if they're too slim, it seems odd that the slimmer cut Fitzgeralds would fit perfectly. But if you say so...

Have you considered Lands' End Year'rounder (yes, that's how it's spelled - one word, with an apostrophe) trousers? Although perhaps not quite up to Brooks Bros. standards, they're actually pretty good. They're reasonably priced (particularly when paired with a coupon, or when they're on sale, or both). They come in a decent variety of colors and even a pattern or two - I wore a pair in mahogany micro houndstooth, just the other day.

They come in a couple of rises. In traditional or tailored fit. And you can have them hemmed or cuffed to your preferred length, free of charge.

You could order a few pairs, in a variety of fits, lengths, colors, etc., and simply return the ones you don't like to your local Sears store, for a full, quick, and easy refund. (You don't indicate where you're located, but if it's in the US, there are Sears stores all over.)

Again, not the best pair of pants out there, regardless of price. But neither are they half bad, and they do represent considerable value for the price. And like I said, if they just don't work for you, returning them is hassle-free.

Well, just a thought. One might argue that Lands' End isn't what it once was (what is?), but it still does some things tolerably well, and relatively affordably. It's an option worth considering.
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Paul Stuart trousers are good factory pants.  Give them a try - price point is $350-$450 I think....

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Thanks for the replies guys! The changes Brooks Brothers made has totally thrown me off, it even appears the newer version of these Madison pants are no longer made in Canada but are now made in Thailand which caught me by surprise. I wonder why the change, and finding a quality alternative is a challenge.
I work in finance and teach so these are my workhorse pants for those days of standing/sitting down in my classroom all day and my suits are reserved for meetings/conferences/travel.

I never would have thought about Lands End and will look at those, but most retail offerings have been less than impressive. Appreciate the recommendations and will see what works! Brooks Brothers please get this stuff fixed lol I hate changing what have been my wardrobe staples.
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the answer to the question 'why stop making something in Canada and start making it in Thailand' seems like it's probably the very very obvious one :)

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