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I am new on here, it is the first time I have thought about fashion forums, and the first time I was thinking about looking for a forum. This is the first one I found so i have signed up. I studied fashion, and now work in the industry in a head office. Part time i have started up blogging with a few of my friends who work in the industry. I am not trying to plug the blog. But if your interested it is my username.


Anyway, why I joined is when i was at college I did a lot of research into the japanese dyeing process of Shibori.

Basically it is a beautiful form that looks a lot more refined than tie dyeing though in essence it is quite similar..


Below i have a link to another blog (not mine) who summarise it really well.


anyway i was looking to see if any of you know anyone who has used this process on mens denim?

I was thinking with denim trending so massively at the moment someone must have picked up on it?

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