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What is Styleforum Wearing: 4.23.2013

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Member: Prurient
Original WAYWT post here

What this looks like: One of the porcupines that Zizek borrowed from Schopenhauer

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re watching life through a TV? That what you’re seeing isn’t real? Prurient doesn’t have that feeling. Every ultra-cool, sepia-tinged moment is viewed through beautiful rose-tinted lenses. He could kick your ass at beer pong. And ping-pong. And beard pong. Yeah, ruckus brung. Do you see that self-satisfied smirk? That happiness could be yours – all you need to do is take his hand and, well, fight a bear, probably. With a 40 of OE duct-taped to each hand. Listen, that photo doesn’t even have a filter, that’s just how his life looks.

You’ve got a great take on urban wear, mostly because it’s not very, uh, urban. How do you go about bringing retro-future outdoorsman swag to the big city?:

I tend to develop nostalgia when presented with snapshots of bohemia. I miss a time when youngsters were angry, intellectual and stylish. I feel like those are the images that inspire the pastiche that characterizes some Japanese brands. You can't really pinpoint a specific aesthetic, it seems like everything goes. I like that because you can see all the references (San Francisco Beats, East Village hippies, UK Folk weirdos, German radicals of the 70s, etc.) but what they put together is somehow new and weird. I don't think there's anything futuristic there, but I love how playful they are with past references. I try to play the same game, with my own taste.

The Goods:

Jacket: Post Overalls
Shirt: Post Overalls
Pants: MHL
Shoes: Yuketen

Member: Ghostface
Original WAYWT post here

Click for Juicy, Close-Up Details! (Click to show)

What this looks like: A time-traveling antique salesman who is far, far more interesting than you’ll ever be.

You turn a corner, sprinting flat-out down an alleyway behind Khan el-Khalili, when you see this guy leaning in a doorway. He catches your eye, nods once towards the interior of his shop. You slide to a stop and duck inside, where you are met with a vast collection of antique goods. He hides you in a roll of carpet and goes back to his door-frame. You hear him telling your pursuers that he saw you running in the opposite direction, in fluent Arabic. Later he serves you araq, switches to English, and tells you what you did wrong: You’re not that special; pretty girls don’t just buy you drinks at local watering holes.

How do you develop an eye for pieces that have such personality?

I've developed whatever aesthetic sense I have just by looking at a lot and experimenting a lot. I mean, I've always been interested in aesthetics and design, but for most of my life I'd been deeply ambivalent about how I dressed. However, I really enjoy the playfulness, creativity, and visceral experience of clothing the body. For example, the scarf is a long scrap of boro fabric that I picked up in Kyoto last summer. It's around 100 years old, hand-loomed cotton, natural indigo-dyed, and sports numerous holes and patches that have been hand-repaired via sashiko stitching. I found it in a small gallery owned by a wonderful woman named Kei Kawasaki, who supplies Haruki Nakamura (the designer of Visvim) with many of the antique Japanese workwear garments he uses in research for his own collections.

The Goods:

Antique boro scarf
Comme des Garcons Homme Plus boiled wool jacket
Folk flecked cotton shirt
Helmut Lang moleskin pants
Guidi calf boots

Member: ManOfKent
Original WAYWT post here

What this looks like: Lock, Stock, and Captain Haddock on the High Seas

Ah, the sea. The salt spray, the rolling waves…You’re right, it’s fucking terrifying. There are squid down there the size of, like, a bus. And flying sharks. Yeah, you watch the Discovery Channel. The motherfucking ocean is not where you want to be. Unless you’ve got this guy captaining your vessel, who looks like a cross between a Her Majesty’s Royal Admiral and a Guy Ritchie kingpin. More importantly, he looks like he knows what he’s doing. He also looks like he’s probably broken a few fingers in his lifetime. Probably shouldn’t say anything about his shitty boat. He might beat you to death with a seal.

How would you describe your style? And where can I get a wall like that?

I am from the land of warm beer (well, technically it should be at cellar temperature - just a few degrees cooler than room temperature) and changeable weather (not that I ever mention the weather). Yes, I'm English. I grew up reading Rupert annuals rather than Peanuts, watching Dr. Who, re-runs of The Avengers and repeats of Ealing comedies. I don't dislike Americana and will sometimes don something that is clearly born of American heritage rather than English, and I'm also increasingly interested in French heritage beyond the Breton T's, but there's plenty of British clothing history to draw upon for inspiration.

My two most used walls are both brewery buildings. This one is the old Fremlin's brewery, the other Shepherd Neame's (brewing in Faversham since 1679). Faversham has a long brewing history...

The Goods:

Hat: Christy’s
Jacket: Nigel Cabourn Anniversary Tweed
Sweater: S.N.S. Herning
Trousers: Common People
Boots: Tricker’s

Member: TWorksheets
Original WAYWT post here

What this looks like: Art-collector meets gallery black-tie in an alternate-dimension Canadian backwoods.

Oh, no. This guy probably knows how to paint. Shit, you can’t paint. He can probably do some ceramics to, or something. And…poetry. You’re fucked. Damnit, he’s looking right at the girl you’re with, and she’s looking at him. No. No. What do you do? Stay calm. He’s probably more scared of you than you are of him. Breathe. Shit, here he comes. Distract him! Code red! Tell him you like his robe! Where can you get a robe like that? No! It’s too late. He’s talking to her. What’s he saying? Inviting her to a party at his place. Game over, man. Defeat. Slink back to your hole. Wait. He’s saying something to you, now. You can’t hear it over the music. You’re invited too? Damn, you’re lucky this dude’s awesome.

Can you tell us a bit about how you put this together?:

I've seen this sort of layering done hundreds of times and never though it would work for me, but sometimes another poster does something you've written off in a new way and it all sort of clicks.

When springtime rolls around, most people pull out the pastels. What’s up?

I wish I had a better answer for this, but the truth is I just don't feel comfortable in loud colours. I don't really like to stand out too much. Weekdays at the office it's whatever is clean and wrinkle-free; weekends and week-nights I might end up trying on 90% of what I own. Making a decision can be agonizing because I like all of my clothes a lot and I don't get to wear them as much as I'd like.

The Goods:

Robe: nonnative
2xT-shirt: Void the Brand
Pants: Club Monaco
Shoes: Vans
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Bravo. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

These will be a recurring feature, I trust?
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this is legendary and better happen again

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i like
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amen. great stuff. yes recurring feature. also party at tworksheets!

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more like twerksheets u feel me

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(Actual interviews would be cool? Are these actual interviews!?)
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SF should be paying you.

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Yeah, as long as Synth keeps this up, this will be a recurring feature. Are you entertained?
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Originally Posted by wogbog View Post


(Actual interviews would be cool? Are these actual interviews!?)

Yes, these are actual interviews. That, or Synth has just been straight up lying to me. If you are, don't tell me, and I won't know.
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Any possibility for longer and more involved interviews? I could see something like that working great with someone like Parker or the yohji dudes (yohjidude group interview????)

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Great work Synth! Bravo! smile.gif
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We may not get a "the talisman"-book, but this is a plenty good alternative.
Great job man fing02[1].gif

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It's like giving each poster their own less obsessed, much more well-written, non-disappearing miran comments.

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