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A Question On Groomsman Attire

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So my fiancé and I are to be wed soon, and we have decided that I will wear slim black dress pants, a white dress shirt, a black skinny tie, black suspenders, and black wingtips. Her bridesmaids will be wearing cream colored dresses, and my bride will wear an all white dress. The wedding theme is more on the informal side, outdoorsy-bohemian-natural-springy. 


So my question: Is it considered a fashion faux pas for my groomsmen to wear the same attire as myself, but with cream-colored suspenders?

I'm aware that these are typically worn with matching pants and/or ties, but I also think about the odd-colored suspenders that other groomsmen commonly wear in informal weddings. 


Thoughts? New Ideas? Suggestions?




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Post here please:

Thank you!
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Allow me to summarize the comments that will surely follow:

1. Wear a suit; you will regret not having done so in 10 years
2. Wedding parties "matching" is the sign of a low-class wedding.
3. Do not wear a black suit or trousers.
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4. Do not wear suspenders if you are not wearing a jacket. You are not Larry King (and even he may have worn a suit and taken off the jacket).
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Did you accidentally leave "a jacket" off of your list? If not, please post pics of wedding ceremony rotflmao.gif

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