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Driving Heel Scuff

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I don't presume I am the only one to get scuff mark on my right heel from the movements of my right foot when driving. Any suggestions or it's life?!


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You might want to try positioning your foot differently. Try resting your foot on the sole part instead of the leather.

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It's not a universal problem, but you're certainly not the only one: that's why the gommini- the rubber nibs on the soles of driving shoes- extend onto the back of the shoe.
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I remember seeing a floor mat with a thick fleecy lamb's wool pad under the pedals advertised in Air Mall or some other in-flight magazine.
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It's a little late in life to learn to reposition my driving posture though I'll try but lambswool carpeting sounds interesting but a bit over the top.
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Just polish them some might even call it patina but few will down mark you for it.
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Yeah it might seem a little late in life to adapt a different posture but once it become a habit, your problem will be gone. Unless you are driving a super low car like a Lamborghini or something, you can just reposition your foot instead of having the lambs wool carpet. Don't forget the sand and dirt from the road will mess up the carpet.

Or like what GBR said, it will just be a good patina.
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I like to get out of my lace-ups and put on driving shoes that I leave in the car when I drive for more than half an hour. That's one solution. Otherwise, yes, reposition one's foot.
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