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I bought 3 Tom Fords and I feel terrible about it.

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I'm pretty new at serious suit buying . Money is not an ssue for me and I bought three Tom Fords for almost 6k a piece.

But then I started reading online and discovered that most people say a bespoke suit is the better way to go and after viewing some of the fits online I can see why.

So I have this horrible feeling that I blew a crap load for nothing.

I guess my question is could I go to Tom Ford and try and get the suits more tailored ? Would it look closer to a bespoken suit ?

The other question I suppose I have is could I get a bespoke
Suit that would be similar to a Tom Ford and would the materials be as good?
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If you want a bespoke suit that's "similar to a Tom Ford" then just go ahead and wear your Tom Fords happily. You seem content with the material and construction of the suits you bought; find yourself a good tailor and alter as necessary to get that perfect fit.  :)


Save the bespoke stuff for when you're less "new at serious suit buying"; going bespoke means having many decisions to make, and you need to know what you want.

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Agree with Mangelo. As long as you're happy with the way your suits fit, don't feel like you got ripped off because somebody on the Internet tells you bespoke is better. Unless you do a lot of research first, it's a little hard to know what you're going to get as a final product when you order a bespoke suit. It's not like in the store where you can try it on and see if you like the cut on you. For TF in particular, if you like that cut, you're better off just sticking its TF. I'm not aware of any bespoke tailor that cuts anything really similar.
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If you're not happy with the way the suits fit, then take them back to the tailor and see what can be done.
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If they fit you well, and you like them, no need to fret.

It seems that bespoke works best for those that know what they want. If a TF suit was what you wanted, you archived your goal. It fitting properly is another matter.

How about some fit picks OP? I'm guessing for 6K each you went MTM.
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If they look good off the rack, don't fret about your purchases.

If you want feedback on the fit, you can post pics on the forum.
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I assume that you mean $US.

That is a lot for RTW ad you would certainly have been better with 2 bespoke or, as you say money is not a issue, three. However I suppose if they fit wear them, but do not do this again.
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It would not be advisable to commission 3 suits in your first crack at bespoke, but rather to start with one and develop from there. While I would suggest heading that route next, if the Tom Ford look is what you are after, there's only one Tom Ford.

There is a thread here where you can post pictures of your purchases and members suggest alterations, if required. I doubt you will be unhappy with your purchases after a few tweaks.
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That makes me feel a little better because I did want the Tom Ford look.

I really wanted the three piece Tom Fords . I bought one in grey , one midnight blue and one In black.

I do like the fit but I've never gone custom and I just figured it was so much better.

I'm going to have them made to fit as perfectly as possible now for sure. Should I do this at Tom Ford or take them to a reputable bespoke tailor?

As far as how they fit....I suppose they fit fine to an untrained eye. I would post the pics but as I I'm in the media from time to time I would rather keep my identity private .

I bought the suits at bergdorf Goodman and I suppose I should have done the "made to measure " option for a little bit more.

But my body is not all that strange actually and I wear a 52 or 42 American and I'm 6'1"......

I guess the only strange thing about my body is that I'm a 17 1/2 neck but only a 32 inch waste. I just learned that this is the reason why no off the rack shirts fit me. They are all like tents on me....I couldn't figure out why until I learned about bespoke .

I'm going to now have all my shirts tailored and in the future will only buy bespoke shirts.

I'm done with off the rack.

The only concern I have about bespoke however is that I'm told that the materials used by bespoke are inferior to the top designers . Is this true?
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While few of us would recommend spending $6,000 on a MTM suit, if you like the cloth and the cut, and it fits you well, you shouldn't have too much remorse.

When you buy a "designer" suit, you are paying for someone else to design the suit and to choose the cloth and cut accordingly; you're buying the designer's eye for fashion. Just remember that the suit was designed for a "fit model" with close to ideal proportions. Fine, if you have that sort of physique, or something close to it, a concern otherwise.
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Hi intense2b.

How's the fit at the waist? If you are a 42in chest and a 32in waist, that's quite a drop.
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Yeah I'm pretty fit actually .

The thing is it was not MTM !! Literally off the rack and then tailored a bit by bergdorf....

But I have a very classic body type except that I'm very wide on the neck and shoulder and slim from the waste down. Sort of an upside down trialngle

Before the fords I bought gucci off the rack and I just loved the tight cut. But then came Tom Ford and I really went nuts for it.

I'm told that since the suit fit me pretty well to begin with that a little tweaking would not be all that hard.

I called a bespoke tailor and he told me there were literally a thousands materials to choose from....oh boy that's a lot of work. I wouldn't even know where to begin or what to choose. I would just probably pick the most expensive material and pray that it turns out
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Still figuring how to quote....

Yes 42 inch to 32 inch is radical....

Pants were really loose. They tightened it up and it's actually still a bit loose.

It's something I'm going to have to work out. It is I'm fact a problem that I never paid attention to before because I figured the jacket covered the pants.

I'm going to have to really work on the pants quite a bit .
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Take the suits to the TF boutique if they need alterations. Can't imagine anyone would have more experience altering a TF suit than them.

Regarding the designer suit being made of better materials than bespoke, I'm going to make a wild assumption that this is wrong. My understanding is that reputable bespoke should be better quality, across the board.
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