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The self-paced Competitive Strategy course on Coursera skims game theory, I think. Might be too basic for you, but my non-tech/math co-workers enjoyed it.

I was doing the Great Courses game theory lectures on audio in my car until I got to the point where it didn't make sense without the visuals. I'll have to try it in video soon.

I took the Advanced Competitive Strategy class (I assume you're talking about the one from Munich), and it was good. I have my MBA, so it was pretty easy but fun, and it had a slightly different twist than some of my classes.

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No, I was looking at the Game Theory course but chose to do Model Thinking instead - really interesting so far.  Also hoping they offer Game Theory again soon.  

Going to start one of the Udacity courses (self-paced) on How to Build a Startup.

I tried the Game Theory II class, and it was awful. Worst class I've taken online. The Model Thinking class is kinda fun though - I am also doing it right now.

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I chose the other way and regretted it by class three (and withdrew at about class 6).

Posted the above at quiz time as I sat there thinking "well this looks nothing like the course material" and hoped someone could bail me out!

Was very much a calculus thing rather than a behavioural approach. I have previously done The Great Courses game theory and really enjoyed it (for the exact opposite reason)

I agree. Game Theory II was exactly the same way. I didn't buy the book, and I had no idea what was going on. The calculus would have been no problem by itself for me, but I had no idea the why for anything.