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MTM Fit Critique - Moderntailor

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First post here and first order of a MTM shirt. Decided to order the "trial" shirt from moderntailor in blue oxford.


I think the fit turned out well but I'm thinking I'd like to shorten the sleeves about a half inch, shorten the cuff a bit as well. 


I'm concerned with the fit around my armpits too as it seems to bunch up quite a bit here. Armhole measurement?


Any tips\critique on the fit?




(Apologies for the poor image quality. You get the idea though..)









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Something is wrong with the shoulders. The shirt might be too tight there and/or the body's shoulders too square.

A half-inch would shorten the sleeves too much, especially if the shirt hasn't been washed repeatedly yet.

The collar is too high, and it probably should have longer points in the point collar style.
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Thanks for looking. 


I think I'll leave the sleeves as is, maybe reduce length by 1/4 inch at the most. 


Any idea what measurement would lower the collar height? I think it could be just the way I'm standing though. 


Would you think that increasing the yoke size would fix the shoulder issue?


I'm thinking an increase in either yoke or upper chest should fix it. No idea though!

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Shorten the collar by .25. Lengthen the points vertically by at least .25.

Shirtmaven is around. Maybe he can make an educated guess about how to fix the shoulders for the next order.If it's square shoulders, that seems to routinely go badly in online tailoring.
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you pictures dont help much.
can you either have some one take the photos for you or use a self timer.
has the shirt been washed yet?
shirt untucked sleeves unbuttoned collar buttoned

tucked in and sleeves buttoned. collar buttoned. and then one with the collar unbuttoned
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Sure, I can try to get someone else to take the pictures. 


Yes, shirt has been washed. 


This might help explain the issue a bit as well. 



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chest measurement is to small; and armhole is to high
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Isn't the upper back in general too tight?
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I did some measuring last night of a couple of shirts from H&M that fit really well and compared to the moderntailor shirt. 


I was surprised to see that the yoke measurements on the H&M shirts were 18.5 to 19". I was even more surprised to find that 3 ralph lauren 'custom fit' shirts I ordered a while back in the same size all had different yoke measurements (although all between 18 and 19").


The original 'best fitting shirt' I measured and sent to moderntailor had a yoke measurement of 17".


It looks like this is the problem. 


Although I wonder if leaving everything else as-is and bumping up the yoke to 18.5 or 18.75 would fix the issue or just cause other problems.

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