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Help me ID this Corneliani ID sport coat?

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I came across it when I was killing time at a discount store (Winners, which some Canucks on the forum may know) when I should have been studying. It's a cotton-linen blend, unstructured, unlined, made in Italy, double vented, surgeon cuffs.




Yes, I know it's too big. Sadly, this is the only photo I have until I get it back from my tailor in three weeks.


Anyone have any idea what season it's from, or what MSRP is? I can find similar SCs with white MOP buttons, or 3-roll-2, but not this specific model. Basically, I want to know whether I got a good deal on it or not.  smile.gif

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I don't know that coat at all, but been buying stuff at Winners (in Vancouver) for years, and so far as I can tell, most of their stock is overstock or returns from other local stores, and it's rarely very old. Also, the 'compare at' price on the tag is usually the genuine original retail price - I haven't caught them inflating those prices yet, though you'd think they would. I don't know Montreal at all, but you might well be able to guess what local upscale men's retailer they got the coat from. Hell, you could go in there and ask about it. :)

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As far as I know, only Harry Rosen carries Corneliani. Maybe Ogilvy too, but I don't recall seeing it there.


The "compare at" price was $600, which frankly seems a bit low for all of the handwork done on this, but I really have no idea. For the record, I snagged it for $220.

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Winners definitely gets stock from HR - I just didn't know whether HR existed in Montreal or not. The Vancouver DT Winners gets quite a lot of nice stuff, almost all of it from the HR we have. $220 sounds like a decent deal. Looks like it might need a bit of tailoring though. Nice coat.

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Thanks for the info!

It definitely needs tailoring, that's certain. I'll put up a post-tailor photo in a few weeks. smile.gif
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