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Any ideas ?

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Hello ... im thinking to change my hair style from short to long....
So basically im looking for opinion and support. 
I checked some hairstyles and i kinda like the new hair style of Patrick Stump (the singer of group Fall out boys. )
And i think it could suit me becouse my forehead is kind big (same as his ) and my hair line is kinda back too. So i am wondering 
do u guyz like this hair style and what could be some basic guide lines to style my hair like his. 
WIll be thankful of any respond :)


And i suppose i should mention that im a big guy ... not fat so much as im 2 m tall and wide in my  shoulders. 

P.s. Sorry for my terrible english. I hope u will understand and add ur oppinion :)

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It looks best when with bangs. Though they shouldn't get so near the eyebrows. Also, the hair on the sides shouldn't be as obviously combed forward.
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