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Advice needed for "something different" business suit

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Hi all



I am in desperately need of a wardrobe overhaul but given my profession, have never been able to express myself clothes-wise. As a result I have no idea about clothes style and fashion.


Now I own my own established business, so I can be a little more adventurous, but don't know where to start.


I want to liven up my business attire a bit but on looking at the normal run on business suits, to my untrained eye, they all look the bloomin' same... ie boring!


Can any of you knowledgeable folk direct me a bit here please?


I am looking for something a bit different, not outrageous, just different. I love the new Prada Steampunk inspired gent's collection but is a little over the top for my business, plus I don't want to feel like I am wearing fancy dress 9to5.


Any suggestions for a business suit that has a hint of "steampunk" about it? Preferably British made (not hopeful). I have just splashed out on a pair of Church's Taunton shoes in walnut brown. It would be nice if the suggestions would tie in nicely with these.

Budget £400 to £700


Any ideas?


Kind regards to all


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£400-700 and you want a British made suit? No chance.

Try Marks & Spencers. Unfortunately they don't tend to do much steampunk.
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Talking of M&S I think they do have some pretty good offerings and worth going over to take a look.
If you're in London head straight to the Marble Arch branch which has a bigger selection that I've seen compared to other stores.The Savile Row/Richard James colab looked pretty good for the money and definitely within your budget.
If I hadn't got into MTM/bespoke M&S would have been amongst top of the pickings in terms of fit,availability,cloth choice in my limited experience of RTW garments.
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If you want to add in a steampunk element, try throwing in odd waistcoats.  The Gentlemen's Emporium might have some that tickle your fancy in either cotton or wool, but stay far away from the polyester ones.  I myself fancy this cotton/linen number.  For suits you should look for rougher, more casual textures of wool in respectable cuts.  If you can manage to find a solid navy or solid charcoal tweed suit somewhere that would be ideal.

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Many thanks Chaps.

Certainly a few things to explore there.


All the best


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