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Suits for shorter guys?

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Hey all! I'm a short and skinny guy at 5'8" and 127 pounds. I really like the look of classic Italian suits but do you guys think I'll have a hard time finding something that fits OTR or will I be forced to go MTM?

I'm planning on eventually visiting the capital here in Sweden and check out some stores that offer brands like Zegna, Belvest, Caruso, Isaia etc. depending on if the collective expertise here thinks I should be able to find something that fits my (lack of?) frame.

Is it possible, or should I spend my efforts looking for a suit from other brands?

Thank you in advance,
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You aren't really short. More average. Maybe short in Swedish terms but fairly average in Italian.

No idea what your frame is like. Different people carry weight in different methods. What sizes do you wear? In other words how big is your chest and waist.
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You aren't really short. More average.
Bless you, my good man.

I'd post a picture but I'm limited to my phone. I just measured my waist and chest for 75 cm and 92 cm - it's a rough measurement, to say the least.
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Hi Squire,  I'm also short and very skinny. I have to buy most of my clothing in the kiddies department, however here is a link to some interesting tips on how to dress for short men. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2011/06/07/dressing-taller-short-men/ Hope you find it helpful!     

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Hi squire, Here is another site with some tips on dressing for short guys.http://tsbmen.com/3035/dressing-your-body-type-tips-for-shorter-guys-featuring-adam-lampell/ Trust you find it helpful!

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Thanks Angelic, will keep that guide in mind when I go to town trying some suits on!
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127# is absolutely too thin for anything OTR to look good
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Yeah, I've lost a lot of weight the past 4 months due to various reasons. I'll be working on getting to about 140-145 pounds before summer. So there's a challenge for me for the next 6 weeks - bulk up!
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Originally Posted by Squire View Post

Bless you, my good man.

I'd post a picture but I'm limited to my phone. I just measured my waist and chest for 75 cm and 92 cm - it's a rough measurement, to say the least.

Sounds like you're a fairly normal 36 or EU 46. I can't speak of Sweden but here in Italy with those measurements you wouldn't have much problem. Unless you're measuring really badly
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I'd suggest bulking up before buying clothes if that's the plan


5'8" is average!! it's not short :)


at your current weight I think the challenge would be the sleeves, pants may be too full. You can go either way, MTM or OTR. There should be a decent amount of OTR options that are slimmer in cut, ie BB milano, or RLBL

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Nicola, that sounds promising. I think that just gave me the energy to visit some stores om Monday - it'd be so nice to find an OTR suit from, say, Belvest that fits nicely. Even if I'd first have to gain 15 pounds.

TiberiasUSA, I'll definitely wait until I've gained some weight back before buying. And man, I wish 5'8" was average here as well - I feel tiny among all the giant vikings here. wink.gif

Yeah, you're definitely right about the sleeves - they always have to be tailored. Am trying to move onto canvassed suits, so here's hoping I find something without having to go MTM just yet!

Any other 5'8" guys with experience from any of the following brands: Mabro, Canali, Zegna, Caruso, Kiton, Isaia, Belvest and Corneliani? Zegna and Caruso seem to make slightly more modern and slimmer fit from what I've seen, but I'm no expert.
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Zegna makes different lines. But I'm going to guess you're narrow shouldered. Zegna will likely be too broad in the shoulder for you in the main lines.
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I'd worry more about your weight than your height. Most likely you won't fill out a 36/EU46. The best way to rectify that is through some weight training.

I'm the same height, weigh 145 and regularly go to the gym. Some 36/46 are still too big with my ideal shoulder width on a jacket being around 16.75 inches. Isaia, Armani collezioni, z Zegna, boglioli and suit supply all fit me with a 36/46S being ideal whilst a R I find about an inch too long in the body. I honestly think anyone smaller than me will struggle OTR.
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Nicola: well aware of that my friend! It's a bit disheartening hearing that their mainline is probably too big as - if I'm not mistaken - only the Ermenegildo line is fully or halfcanvassed.

I know some brands offer a size 44, but it seems none of the Italian ones I've mentioned do? Its quite a shame, especially considering how 5'8" turns out to be an average height. wink.gif

Spandexter: Nice! I'll try to reach that weight during summer, shouldn't be that hard. Sitting here with a gainer next to me, so I've already started!
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