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Does anyone have any experience with BMV Bespoke?

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They're coming to town next week and I was thinking about giving them a try. Has anyone here used them before?

By way of background, I'm tired of off the rack suits that don't quite fit (even after tailoring), so I've been thinking about getting something made to measure for a while now. I also considered using Maxwell Tailors since I bought some shirts from them a couple of years back and they were ok for the price. Generally speaking the reviews on these Hong Kong tailors are pretty mixed. I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go through Harry Rosen.
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Originally Posted by primetimeseano View Post


Splat. If this unknown firm does not show up in 'search' (have your tried?) then the answer is no and thus just avoid them.
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I unfortunately I had a terrible experience with BMV Bespoke. I went to them to buy a suit before my wedding. Despite my bringing in picture references, the suit came back totally boxy and ill-fitted. One leg was actually 2" shorter than the other. After the second fitting, something did not still feel right so I took the suit to my alterations person. She was horrified and said it was the most poorly made suit she had ever seen in her life. It is now costing me a lot of money just to undo the mess BMV Bespoke created. (To make the suit more fitted, they just took in the left side which created a completely lopsided suit.)

While they were basically responsive initially, I have learned an extremely expensive lesson.

Definitely do NOT waste your time nor your money with BMV Bespoke. It was definitely too good to be true.

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When I get something custom made I expect it to fit like a glove. Although the quality of the seam work on my three shirts was high, the fit across the top of the backs of the shirts was poor, with excessive fabric. There was also a lack of shape in the shoulders from a side on view.


I would expect a tailor in business as long as this - one that has taken my exact measurements - to get to right first time. But they failed and I was very disappointed. 


BMV offered to make changes to the shirts when they were next in town but this was two months away and I needed the shirts now. As a compromise they refunded $15 on each shirt for local repairs but that is not enough given what local alteration shops charge.


I ended up giving the shirts to the local op shop. 


If you are very particular about your clothing I would say stay away from this tailor. It really does need actual photos of its products online rather than the pencil sketches as I was also a bit disappointed in the shape of the collar and how it sat. The buttons on the cuffs are also very small and hard to close.


My lesson in all this is it's okay to buy shoes and jeans online but not much else.

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I purchased a suit from Mr.Bal at BMV Bespoke when he visited Melbourne last year. I chose high end Zegna cloth and 3 shirts.

About six weeks later I received an ill fitting suit that has a weird hour glass shape and one shirt that I cannot do up at the wrist or insert cufflinks. The shirt is so tight around the shoulders I could cut the sleeve at the tricep and turn it into a muscle shirt :-(


So for $3,000 I got a suit and one shirt I cannot wear. I also doubt the authenticity of the fabric of the suit. I have bought from quality tailors and let me assure you BMV does not qualify in the class of quality.


I have emailed them and they respond assuring me Mr Bal is coming to Melbourne, but he does not show on the corresponding dates to their email or they do not update their website accordingly.




Spend the extra and go to a local tailor if you want bespoke shorts and suits.

Do not trust BV Bespoke, their quality of work is extremely poor!

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I Do


and although the original experience was of measuring and fitting was quality

and the suit does fit perfectly, it was very poorly made


I spent 1000 dollars on a suit


and only wore it 3 times,  1 time for my wedding and two times to church


the seams on both sides of the pants pulled apart

four buttons  slipped off

and the hem on the pant cuff pulled appart


do yourself a favor and buy a suit from Sears

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Originally Posted by markbutcher View Post

I have tried this company but I was fortunate. I got 2 suits and 2shirts package which was just $1250. To me these tailors were quite professional and they give proper time to understand my needs. I received the first and first shirt in 4 weeks and it fitted like a glove at the first instance. Now its already 7 months and still its good going and I get so many compliments "mostly from girls". I must say that I am very happy with the service and the quality of the product, I just cannot stop bragging about this company and have recommended them at least 5 of my friends and all of them are happy. 

And what is your connection with this firm? New posters do not suddenly appear praising unknown firms unless connected with the subject - owner/employee or friend.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

And what is your connection with this firm? New posters do not suddenly appear praising unknown firms unless connected with the subject - owner/employee or friend.

Well to be fair there are also new members/posters who are critical too.
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rubbish describes the products

had a jacket and trousers made, showed them a sample of what I wanted. I got a weird shaped wasted jacket, had 3 alterations done, shape better but all wrinkled in the lining. the trousers they made they arrived as a very slim cut, they were let out in the legs and groin and were just ok and wore fairly well. I purchase 2 more pair or trousers paid for a premium material. When they arrived I couldn't fit into them, not into drain pipe styles trousers. they agreed to supply 2 more pairs which all of a sudden could only be supplied in a certain material. they took a pair of my suit trousers as a sample so the fit was ok but after 3 months they were worn out and faded total rubbish. I have trouble buying trouser of the peg so getting them made is a better option than alterations. BVM are very polite but supply a rubbish product. I have had quality suits and trousers made in Singapore over the years. I learned when you pay up front for a produced you can't see you deserve what you get, to be ripped off nothing of quality is cheap.    advise do not do it to yourself

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