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Need advice about buying a navy (or black, or grey?) blazer/sportcoat

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Hello, this is my first post, and naturally I need some advice. I'm looking to buy a blazer/sportcoat, mostly for casual wear but something which could also be used for slightly formal occasions would be ideal. I can't decide, first whether I should buy something black or navy. The problem is that 85% of the time I'm wearing either black or very dark indigo jeans, or black chinos. I can't seem to decide whether a black or navy jacket would be more suitable. I'm also very open to dark, herringbone grey, but haven't found anything (if you know of anything nice in a size 38, please let me know !)  


These are some blazers I'm looking at--




I'm really looking for something that is a linen/cotton or linen/wool blend, but I'm having trouble finding anything. I'm also considering this -- --


but I can't decide whether it could really be worn casually. I'm aware of the dissent on this forum against orphaned suit jackets, and that patch pockets are prefereable to flap pockets for this situation, but I'm asking anyway.


I'm also curious if jackets that are 100% cotton will always be very stiff (I recently tried on a chino suit, and it was very, very stiff). Most of those above are cotton, but many look quite supple in the photograph.   



I'm really looking for any opinions, reccomendations, general advice. 


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Will start by saying you may get a different point of view on the SW&D forum - they have a thread dedicated to casual blazers.

Your choice of colour for pants is somewhat limiting. Lot of folks here don't even like to match a jacket with jeans/chinos. Many of the jackets you posted also look like orphaned suit jackets, and there is a general preference for avoiding this. There is also a preference for some contrast between the jacket and pants - something tough to achieve with a black jacket and black pants.

Maybe consider starting with a jacket that will give you more contrast with the pants you have - i.e. something lighter. Cotton and Cotton/linen can be a nice casual choice and will give you lots of options that way. The two cotton jackets I have (one each from Boglioli and LBM 1911) are extremely soft and comfortable to wear even though they are relatively fitted. Note they are pre-washed and also unlined.

For more formal events you may want a suit of some type. At a minimum, buy a pair of wool pants that you can wear with a nice odd jacket (the cotton jackets will likely be too informal).

As an aside, the Italian brands you posted from YOOX are also quite obscure - some posters here are familiar with Boglioli and LBM for casual jackets but someone may recognize the ones you list.
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Thanks, to be honest I can't imagine myself wearing a lighter colored jacket on any kind of regular basis. I may be better off finding a few pairs of pants to match the jacket. And I do have a few pairs of lighter colored/grey wool pants-- I just don't wear them terribly often. 


Really I'm I think I'm looking to make the color of the jacket and the color of the pants both as dark as possible with each still being discernable and generally in good taste, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. 

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Is the price point of the Yoox jackets your comfort zone?
Because most well made jackets even if they are cotton/cotton blend
will cost much more retail.

Cotton will soften with time.

The ebay example is ventless and therefore probably about
15 years old

Check SF affiliates,,, for more, higher quality options. ( Note: Unless
they've changed, shopthefinest does not offer full refund only store
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Hi environs and welcome to the forum.

If someone is buying their first and only sports jacket/ blazer, the typical advice would be to buy a navy one. You can wear it with jeans, chinos or smarter trousers. Buy it in wool if you live in a cooler climate, or a very light wool, cotton or linen if you live in an (incrementally) warmer one. (Wool holds the shape of the jacket better than the lighter fabrics, which will crease more. Cotton can be stiff- think denim which is very stiff when raw/ new- but needn't be so.)

However, if you want to wear the jacket with black chinos and jeans, you'd be better off with a black one. (A black jacket with black chinos will never look quite right, as it tends to resemble a mismatched suit, but I presume that you're not too worried about this.) A black jacket is more useful than a navy one for clubs, too.

Make sure you shop around and get a jacket that fits. As bertie suggests, I'd post on the SW&D forum for more advice and shopping recommendations.
post #6 of 6 I like this one, in my opinion it's most universal - as a casual blaze to t-shirt and jeans and also for more formal occasion.

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