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Just an update following my visit again today.

They're going to let the back out and cut the under arm opening which they believe will give me more room/greater movement.
In addition they're going to bring the waist in a little to help create the usual shape.

I sincerely hope this does the trick, I still think ultimately too much was cut out of the shoulder blades - I really wish they hadn't been touched.

I go back on the 11th June.



Darren.......I know you are optimistic, but there has to be a reality check here. IMO, the suit it ruined beyond repair. This whole experience has become a comedy of errors. The fact that TF is the brand/store in question is even more unacceptable.

I still cannot understand how you even got into this predicament, but I'd ask for a refund at this point. Additional surgery is not going to help, just add more time to this already drawn out process. I would stop worrying about feeling bad about voicing your concerns and get aggressive in obtaining a refund.

Just my $.02......