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Originally Posted by superego View Post

was this guy:

which it appears is ALSO avail in the archive at 50% off...assuming these fit TTS? have worn a L in the large loop hoodie and w+h I bought previously

*sigh* every time i see this or the jacket version i regret not buying it :(

on another topic,not sure if this is a stupid question, but is the westpoint chino vs the westpoint 5 pocket pants in olive the exact same color? im looking at their website and the 5 pocket looks darker than the chino version. I like the dark olive color of the 5 pocket but i'd just prefer to have side pockets, so if they are the exact same color im just gonna buy the chino
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Yeah, the Westpoint Chinos and 5 pocket pants are the same fabric. They're just a different fit and style (5 pocket is slimmer). I've actually found that the pictures on the site are not consistently white balanced or something, so there's a lot of variation.

Also, they use the same model for all their photos, so if you can find something you already own worn by the model on the site, you can get a pretty good idea of fit in relation to the vest.
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 WH took FW12 off the archive, the day before I was going to buy a few other pieces. They won't even sell them over the phone or through email. I'm trying to find out what they're doing with all the stock, but they won't tell me. Fucking A!

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I think their online shop was just recently up when they had the "sample" sale last year, but typically they sell previously year/season stock at it (happens in the fall, timing of stock removal seems to suggest it'll happen again this year).
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Yeah, I figured that. Do they drop the prices even more? Or does it usually stay at 50% off like it was online? If they do have a sample sale, and anyone here wouldn't mind to proxy for me. I'd make it work your while.

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probably a steeper discount for the sample sale.  usually later in the fall it happens but in Canada only.  I just picked up a pair of 5 pockets from spring and they seem to be same in sizing with the westpoint chinos.  measurements state that the thigh may be a tad bit wider but nothing crazy at all.  I recall the fw12 super westpoint pants to be slimmer than the current ones.

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Yeah, sample sale is pretty great. I think i picked up the westpoints for $90. I usually blow a paycheque.
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I'm hoping they still have their annual sample/warehouse sale, given they'll be opening a retail space and could likely clear out inventory throughout the year...

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sure they will.  its always in collaboration with reigning champ's previous inventory as too.  Really hope I can get a proxy this time too!!

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im guessing the retail space they're opening will be in BC?

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Retail space is in BC, I was going to apply to work there, but then I realized they'll want someone full time and with retail experience!

Sample sale is usually late October, early November. It's about 50% discount or better. It drops more in the last day or two.
The online archive pricing is very good even in comparison to sample sale prices.
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The sample sale sucked major cock last year.
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

The sample sale sucked major cock last year.

Good jackets. Some tiger fleece hoodies.

But I agree.
I think the last good one was Fall 2010.
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mmm I'm selling a BNWT W&H suit in grey, size M, 32 x 30 if anybodies interested. It's a third of the retail I paid for it too!
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can anybody chime in on how their last years MA-1 or A2 jacket is in terms of warmth and quality? Curios how it held up.

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