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How does the award jacket fit?

I can't really help you with pricing, but the varsity from this season retails at $880 if that helps.

If it was XL I'd probably work something out to buy it off you.

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Oh yeah, did anybody pick up the primaloft shirt jacket from last fall/winter? Any thoughts on warmth, construction etc?

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I've handled it and tried it on. I don't own it, but it seems pretty solid. I tried it on in southern California but it seemed quite warm.
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Cool. Thanks. I've found my size in this and the old primaloft bomber and I'm just trying to figure out which one to get, can't afford both.

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Sorry, I misread that, I've handled the bomber, not the shirt.
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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

There's a size L, OG foul weather bomber on SUFU for $156 (not mine), beat up, but grail piece:

Good looks on this one Wurlwyde. I'm normally not in this thread, but very glad I popped my head in last week.

I'm hoping there isn't much work to be done on it, hopefully a fabric shaver and a good wash will get me off to a good start. The fading I can live with biggrin.gif.
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I'm glad someone here took advantage of that. I have that piece. It's built like a tank, one of my favorites. Nice pick up. I'm curious to see how the clean up process goes.
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How do you guys usually rewax it? DIY? I have the parka which has similar maintenance requirements as the bomber.
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Pair of navy westpoint chinos nwt went for like $73 on ebay last night. I think I bid $71, would've gone to $75 but the auction was finishing at like midnight and I'd prefer sleep. Cheapest I've seen them at stores is like $80.

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I just full priced the olive west points because they've been a grail for me and they never make it to sale in my size. Tried on basically everything on Sunday and will probably grab the military prima loft shirt jacket. It's pretty awesome. The Mac and pea were nice but not mortgage payment nice. Hopefully a lot will make it to sale this season, everything was pretty great.
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Did anyone buy the fleece hoody this season? I just handled it in person and I absolutely love it, but I'm not sure if I $200 love it.
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Fleece is dope. I got it at 20% off from Haven not long ago and I would have paid retail for it.


Does anybody know where you can still find the grey herringbone ebbets hat? Acrimony has the olive but I really want the grey too. thanks.

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I think I've seen a few left on one of WH Europe stockists. Let me see if I can find the bookmark.


I enquired if W+H are doing any more Tiger Fleece sweatpants/hoodies/robes, and they said they're no longer doing tiger fleece. Reigning Champ has taken over the Tiger Fleece this season, and it'll probably be the last. 


I wish I copped the tiger fleece robe from last year though. I'm the type of person, who would just wear that robe and sweatpants to school all year. If anyone knows where there are any left PM me please! I've been looking all over, all I've come across is the Ace Hotel robe and the RC x Beauty Youth striped robe.

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What's wrong with the Ace robe?
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I'll probably go with that, just looking for the darker tiger fleece robe. This one...


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